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    The Risen King (Brass Band) Getty & Townend arr. Andrew Wainwright

    VIEW SCORE PDF This scintillating work will be an ideal opener to your band's concert programme. Written at the request of Bandmaster Christopher Ward and the Eastern Michigan Divisional Band of The Salvation Army (USA), it was premiered at the 2019 Autumn Praise Festival in Rochester, Michigan which featured the Eastern Michigan Divisional Band and Choir, and the Chicago Staff Band. The piece is based on the popular modern hymn by Keith and Kristin Getty and Stuart Townend, Come People of the Risen King. To view a video of the New York Staff Band performing the work please visit: Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: 2nd Section + Instrumentation: Soprano Cornet Eb Solo Cornet Bb Repiano Cornet Bb 2nd Cornet Bb 3rd Cornet Bb Flugel Horn Bb Solo Horn Eb 1st Horn Eb 2nd Horn Eb 1st Baritone Bb 2nd Baritone Bb 1st Trombone Bb 2nd Trombone Bb Bass Trombone Euphonium Bb Bass Eb Bass Bb Timpani Percussion 1-3

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    The Divine Right - Philip Harper

    At the time of composing this piece, the Arab Spring was sweeping through the Middle East. It seemed that almost every week a new countrys people had risen up against the regimes and dictatorships which had prevailed for generations, leaving manynations at a defining crossroads in their history. There were so many possible ways ahead: so many hopes, yet so many uncertainties.My music is a depiction of these revolutionary times, and several musical themes are in turn presented, discussed, considered, fought over, altered, rejected or accepted. Most nations have had, or probably will have, their own Arab Spring, including my own, the United Kingdom. Events of 17th Century Britain provide the context for this piece, particularly those following the execution of the tyrant King Charles I on30 January 1649. The regicide was in part due to Charless steadfast belief in the Divine Right of Kings, and led to a tumultuous interregnum, where England stood at its own defining crossroads.The music begins turbulently, before King Charles appears and is led to the gallows outside Banqueting House in central London where he is brutally decapitated. From the assembled crowd rose, according to one observer, a moan as I never heard before and desire I may never hear again.The music descends to emptiness. The musical argument which follows is not strictly programmatic, but a number of musical themes are all thrown into the melting pot, representing ideas such as: religion; military force; reasoned Parliamentary debate; and the chattering,irrepressible voice of the people. Additionally, there are some quotations from the music of royalist composer Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656), who was often in tune with the feeling of the times. This defining episode in Englands history was brought to a close with the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, and as the exiled King Charles II rode back into London the diarist John Evelyn wrote: Never was so joyful a day seen in this nation. I stood in the Strand and beheld it, and blessed God.At the end of the piece the bells ring out, and the musical appearance of the King has transformed from turbulent to triumphant. Philip Harper, 2013

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    Unity Series Band Journal February 2013 Numbers 402 - 405

    No.402 Procession and praise (Andrew Mackereth)Written for an event at Belfast Citadel in November 2011, the tunes included were chosen by the youthful participants themselves!No.403 Suite - Learn, love and Live (Martin Cordner)Written for one of the bands at the 2011 Belfast Temple Music School, the three movements of this suite feature the songs 'Come Fill my cup', 'Such love' and 'Running over' respectively.No.404 Trombone Solo - You can't stop God (Kevin Larsson)Kevin Larsson has take one of his father's tunes and arranged it in the style of a Cuban bolero with the instruction that it is played at 100 beats per minute, or slower!No.405 March - The King's people (Trevor Davis)This march was written for the 125th anniversary of Loughborough Corps and is based on the song 'Come, people of the risen King' which was a particular favourite of the corps.

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    Triumph Series Band Journal November 2016 Numbers 1279-1282

    No. 1279 March - In the fellowship (Stephen Bulla)This march was written at the request of Bandmaster Jamie Hood who commissioned the piece for the 125th Anniversary of his home corps band at Basel 1 Corps. Within the march are two well-loved songs from the SA's Swiss song book, both of which are still sund frequently at the corps.No. 1280 Shout and sing! (Steven Ponsford)This light-hearted, lively piece of music is based on David Fellingham's song 'Shout for joy and sing your praises to the King'.No. 1281 (1) Sweet hour of prayer (trs. Doug Engle)Prayer offers us an opportunity to communicate with the Lord. The words of this hymn invite us to bring our concerns to a God who listens. As you listen to this arrangement, take time to reflect on how God has remained faithful through times of peace and distress.No. 1281 (2) The Lord bless you and keep you (arr. Andrew Wainwright)Peter Lutkin's beloved choral benediction is well known in vocal circles. Here it is given a simple treatment that it is hoped will inspire prayer reflection and renewed confidence in God's protection and guidance.No. 1282 March - I serve a risen Saviour (Noel Jones)This Easter march features the following songs: 'Look, ye saints! the sight is glorious' and 'I serve a risen Saviour'. The motif 'I serve a risen Saviour' is used throughout the first section of this march.

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