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    ...Your own Tale? - Lode Violet

    ...Your own Tale? - Lode Violet - 4'30'' - BVT070 After winning the 1st prize at the Conservatory in Brussels with his arrangement of ‘Die Post’, Lode decided to write an original work for Brass Band Willebroek and dedicated this to the band and his father Frans Violet. The work begins with a soft, dreamy cornet introduction that develops into a lyrical melody. After a short spell with the baritone a second theme comes to life. Dialogues between several instruments brings the composition to it’s climax, and the euphonium and flugel bring rest again. The title '... Your own Tale?' refers to the imagination of the listener, as everyone creates their own story.

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    3 Days - Patrick Verhaegen

    3 Days - Patrick Verhaegen - 1'50'' - BVT108 Light and short opening piece by Patrick Verhaegen written for the 3-day Easter course of K.F. De Berthoutzonen in 2001, hence the title. All sections of the band are being introduced.

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    A Journey to The Bermuda Triangle - Pimpanit Karoonyavanich

    A Journey to The Bermuda Triangle - Pimpanit Karoonyavanich - 11'20'' - BVT117 After Karoonyavanich has seen her favourite seaview painting by Romain Steppe (1859-1927) for the first time, she was directly inspired and started to write “A Journey to The Bermuda Triangle”. This work consists of 4 sections: The Storm, The Graveyard, The Kingdom of Mermaids and The Escape. The concept of the opening is influenced by Chopin's Etude Op.25 No.11 “Winter Wind” which begins with a calm melodic theme. Then it turns immediately into the agitated and energetic movement representing the calm ocean that turns wild. The storm has taken away many pilots and sailors' life’s, they say people who survive from the storm were able to see the ruined of the victims at the grave yard. This movement of "Graveyard" sounds mysterious and dreadful. The following section "The Kingdom of Mermaids" repeats the storm theme and builds up gradually with solo’s to finally have a big climax reflecting the beauty of the Kingdom of Mermaids. According to one of the legends of the Bermuda Triangle, mermaids exist there and trick the sailors with their beautiful voice and appearance then take away all their souls. Some sailors realized that they were tricked and try to escape. Unfortunately, none of them could ever return back home. This section ‘The escape’ begins with low brass solos and gets more intense until the climax at the end honouring all the Bermuda Triangle's victims.

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    Amazing Grace - Mike Kilmartin

    Amazing Grace - arr. Sean O'Loughlin - transcribed for brass band by Mike Kilmartin - 3'10'' - BVT047 Traditional, arranged in memory of John Michael Kilmartin (1941-2007).

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    At The Gates Of Asgard - Stijn Aertgeerts

    At The Gates Of Asgard - Stijn Aertgeerts - 4'50'' - BVT122 A fierce Viking dies in battle and arrives at the gates of Asgard. The theme of the Viking is immediately present at the opening of the piece. He fights till his last breath before ascending to Asgard. In the slower movement, he can see the breath-taking beauty of the landscapes behind the gates, but before entering he has to prove his worth first in trial and combat. In the finale of the piece, the Viking finally gets to enter Asgard and spend his afterlife there.

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    Beautiful Moments - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Beautiful Moments - Stijn Aertgeerts - 4'15'' - BVT097 'Beautiful Moments " is written for the wedding of some close friends of the composer. A simple melody, introduced by the saxophones, followed by the theme played by the trumpet and floats on through the other sections of the band with some wonderful tutti passages.

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    Bethel Street - Andrew Cook

    Bethel Street - Andi Cook - 3'00'' - BVT105 A lovely street march which the composer wrote for his old band - Yorkshire Co-op band. Bethel street is the street in Brighouse where the annual march contest takes place and is also where William Booth (founder of the salvation army) was minister for two years.

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    Black Hole - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Black Hole - Stijn Aertgeerts - 4'00'' - BVT108 Testpiece Flemish Open Brassband Championships 2018 - C division Black Hole is the slow movement from the bigger piece 'Supernova', commissioned by Royal Fanfare Band 'De Ware Eendracht'- Schriek (B). Supernova is the story of a dying star, an incredible galactic explosion. If a supernova would erupt at the location of the sun, it would evaporate the earth. After the outburst is all that remains a black hole. An area of pure darkness that has swallowed all life.

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    Black Saturday - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Black Saturday - Stijn Aertgeerts - 12'00'' - BVT086 The 'Black Saturday' bushfires were a series of bushfires that ignited or were burning across the Australian state of Victoria on and around Saturday, 7 February 2009 and were Australia's worst ever bush fire disasters. The fires occurred during extreme bushfire-weather conditions and resulted in Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire, 173 people died and 414 were injured as a result of the fires.

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    Bonny Portmore - Irish Trad. - Mike Kilmartin

    Bonny Portmore - Irish Traditional - arr. Mike Kilmartin - 3'30'' - BVT067 SOPRANO CORNET SOLO "Bonny Portmore" is an Irish traditional folk song which laments the demise of Ireland's old oak forests, specifically The Great Oak of Portmore, or "ornament tree" which fell in a windstorm in 1760 and was subsequently used for military and shipbuilding purposes

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