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  • £24.99

    A Christmas Meditation By Joseph Knight

    This is a Christmas piece with a difference. In this piece I have taken the Rocking Carol and used it as my theme. I then put it into sonata form using a minor key for the second subject. In the recapitulation I have layered The Love Came Down At Christmas over the second subject. This is a wonderful reflective piece that complements any Christmas program.

  • £24.99

    A Fantasia On Scarborough Fair By Joseph Knight

    The one piece of major folk music that Vaughan Williams missed seems to be Scarborough Fair! I have tried to make this omission good. This is done very much in the same style as Vaughan Williams, Holst or Butterworth. It includes features for each section of the band and also a 6/8 over 3/4 section.

  • £12.99

    A Norfolk Fanfare By Joseph Knight

    Conceived as a 2nd half opener this work was commissioned by the Norfolk Brass brass band. It is of a section 2 plus standard and lasts for approximately two minutes. It combines 8/8 timing with virtuoso playing from all sections of the band to give a bright start to either a first or second half.

  • £29.99

    A Shropshire Lad George Butterworth arr. Joseph Knight

    The tragedy of war is personified in the premature death of one of Britain’s most promising composers of his age. George Butterworth was shot in the head at the battle of Somme by a German Sniper and there ended his sparkling contribution to music. Goeorge Butterworth set eleven of A. E. Housman's A Shropshire Lad poems in two cycles from 1909-1911. He composed his orchestral rhapsody in 1911, first calling it “The Land of Lost Content”, and then calling it “The Cherry Tree” before deciding on the title “A Shropshire Lad”. He wished it to be an epilogue to his song cycle and he wished it “to express the homethoughts of the exiled Lad”. This arrangement for brass band was arranged in 2016 to commemorate the centenary of the composers death. This is offered as a full set with parts.

  • £19.99

    Brilliant Bach - Joseph Knight

    This is a light concert piece which has been based on the famous BWV 999 prelude in C minor. This is very much a light concert treatment of the piece which includes a lively rock beat from the drums and needs a good xylophone player. It lasts just over three minutes and has been designed to be a rousing, but light moment in the programme. The standard of the piece is fourth section upwards.

  • £16.99

    Carol of the Bells, M D Leontovych arr. Joseph Knight

    This is a good setting of the classic Carol of the bells. It ebbs and flows through the wonderful harmonisation that M D Leontovych brings to such a timeless piece of music.

  • £19.99

    CatarA, CatarA Bb Cornet Solo Salvatore Cardillo arr. Joseph Knight

    “Core ‘ngrato” (Neapolitan: [?k?"?r? ???r?'?t?]; “Ungrateful Heart”), also known by the first words “Catari, Catari” (short and dialectal form for Caterina, a female first name), is a 1911 Neapolitan song by emigrant American composer Salvatore Cardillo with lyrics by Riccardo Cordiferro (real name Alessandro Sisca).[1]It was adopted by Enrico Caruso but it is not known whether he commissioned Cardillo and Sisca to write it.[2] It is the only well-known standard Neapolitan song to have been written in America.[3]In the song, Catari’s lover reproaches the girl for thoughtlessly and heartlessly rejecting his abiding love for her; he implores her not to forget that he has given her his heart and that his soul is in torment; and he says he has confessed his feelings to a priest, who advised him to let her go. (Source Wikipedia)This arrangement has been made for solo Bb Cornet and is a full score with parts.

  • £19.99

    Christ lag in Todesbanden Georg BAhm Arr. Joseph Knight

    “Christ lag in Todesbanden” is an Easter hymn by Martin Luther. Its melody is by Luther and Johann Walter. Both the text and the melody were based on earlier examples. This setting is by Georg Bohm and works very well for the brass band. This arrangement is presented without percussion.

  • £24.99

    Christmas Day - Gustav Holst arr. J Knight

    This Gustav Holst piece contains three Carols: Good Christian Men, Rejoice, God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen and Come, ye lofty, come, ye lowly, (Old Breton Melody) with a little The First Nowell thrown in for good measure. It has been arranged here for the full brass band and has had light percussion parts added to complement. It starts with the band in full chord and then pairs down to solo instruments playing Good Christian Men monophonically. This piece has all of the essential elements of Holst’s harmony and tension while retaining the joy of Christmas. It ends quietly and reflectively and works very well in large acoustics such as a Church building or large town hall.

  • £24.99

    Christmas Overture Joseph Knight

    This is an ideal piece to start any Christmas concert. It uses a number of unusual carols which are not normally sung within the UK to create a festive atmosphere. It is of an easy standard and any band would be able to manage it easily making it something different that can be placed into any concert.