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    The Girl From Zamora - Goff Richards - Gavin Somerset

    When the name Goff Richards is attached to a piece of music, you can be certain that strong melodies & memorable themes will follow. This piece, never before released, is a wonderful cornet/flugel duet that congers up the images of a relaxed Spanish lifestyle, in this easy going, laid back gem of a concert item. Originally recorded by Alan Morrison on his CD 'Memorable Melodies", this duet is the perfect item for both bandstands and concert halls. Not to be missed!

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    Paint It Black - Mick Jagger & Keith Richards - Len Jenkins

    "Paint It Black" (originally released as "Paint It, Black") was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and first released as a single on 6 May 1966. It became the Rolling Stones' sixth number one in the UK and has remained influential as the first number one hit featuring a sitar. The song came at a pivotal period in The Rolling Stones' recording history, a time that saw the song-writing collaboration of Jagger and Richards assert itself as the principal composers of the band's original material. Its lyrics are for the most part meant to describe bleakness and depression and describe the extreme grief suffered by one stunned by the sudden and unexpected loss of wife, lover or partner. It famously plays during the end credits of the film Full Metal Jacket. Beginning in the style of an ironic minuet, which can be by-passed by starting at bar 54 where the heavy rock beat takes over, the piece is interesting and within the capabilities of 3rd or 4th section bands. For those bands with a drummer and one percussionist, an alternative percussion part is provided.

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    Shield of Liberty - Richards, JJ - Broadbent, D

    Another American style circus march fromthe pen of J.J. Richards. Richards wasborn in South Wales, but moved to the USAbefore the turn of the 19th century. Heturned out scores of marches for the famousSousa Band, and was a renownedsoloist in his own right. This march is easierthan Midwest, but just as effective.4th section +

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    HOCK (Bass/Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    from Homage to the Noble Grape. E flat Bass Solo. Recorded on QPRL055D The Music of Goff Richards

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    Justice with Courage (Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL055D The Music of Goff Richards

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    Hollywood! - Score & Parts - Goff Richards

    Hollywood was originally composed for the Regional Championships in 1996 and is indicative of music from 'tinsel town' with more than a passing reference to all types of film genre. This is Goff Richards at his best producing music that will be both challenging and enjoyable to play. In this piece the composer demonstrated his superb knowledge of brass band scoring in the lighter idiom.

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    Shining Brass! - Goff Richards

    Goff Richards contributed a significant body of music to brass band repertoire, much of which was guaranteed to put a spring in the step and a smile on the face. The same formula radiates through Shining Brass!

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    MAID OF THE MOOR - G.Richards/A.Fernie

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