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    Paradise Lost - David Harrington

    A work alluding to the allure and multi-dimensional concept of a 'paradise' - the work aims to pit the solo horn against a backdrop of enveloping unknown beauty, exploring the primal, yet magnificent serenity of a garden bearing timeless prosperity.The horn solo explores this landscape - an intoxicating garden - with caution, nervously treading in a world of the exotic and the forbidden (Introduction). The character is shortly swamped in a lavish, walled paradise - a mirror image of misery and chaos, and freely enjoys the fruits and splendour of the garden (Scherzo). Eventually, the paradise shows its reversed side, and a poison seeps into the air. The joy and indulgence is cut short as the character bites from the tree of knowledge and is banished from the garden eternally.A soliloquy, slow movement, follows which allows the horn to reflect and question his decisions, and he laments over what paradise he really seeks (Romance).After a dramatic and romantic climax, the music descends back into a darker chaos - a more brutal version of the lively scherzo, this time in the form of an impending march. The character is suggested to be now lost in a hellish world as punishment for his greediness (Toccata).As the vibrant toccata refers back to the reflective material, the character then begins to understand where true paradise lies, and after reminiscing the romantic melodies from the centre of the work he rockets out of the fires of hell (Finale) and discovers true euphoria in a world outside the gates of hell and paradise.

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    49th Parallel Suite - Phillip Littlemore

    Vaughan Williams was in his late sixties when an opportunity to write for the cinema materialised. He was approached by his former pupil Muir Mathieson, the director of music for the Ministry of Information, to write the score for the film 49th Parallel . The plot for 49th Parallel is set in the early part of World War II, when a German U-Boat sinks allied shipping in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and then tries to evade capture by the Canadian Military by sailing up to Hudson Bay. A handful of crew disembark to look for supplies and no sooner have they reached shore when the U-Boat is spotted by the Canadian Armed Forces and sunk. Leaving the shore party stranded in Canada they have no other option but to head for the neutral United States and, as their ill-fated journey unfolds, they meet a variety of characters whom they alienate due to their reprehensible actions. They These include a pacifist in the Canadian wilds played by Leslie Howard, a Hutterite leader, and a French-Canadian fur trapper, played by Laurence Olivier. The film premi?red in the UK in October 1941 and in March 1942 for the US, when it was retitled The Invaders . ? The brass band suite to 49th Parallel , devised by Paul Hindmarsh and arranged by Phillip Littlemore, takes the Prologue from the cinematic score as its starting point. Stretches of pastoral musical themes depict the Canadian landscape before the atmosphere is broken with a menacing rendition, albeit briefly, of the Lutheran chorale Ein Feste Burg depicting the surfacing of the German U-Boat in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This gives way to the mechanical, jaunty section Control Room Alert with its persistent drive and energy. A brief interlude of The Lake in the Mountains leads into the most recognised piece of music of from the film, the Prelude, which accompanied both the opening and closing credits, and adds a most fitting conclusion to this suite. The suite has been recorded by the Tredegar Town Band, under their musical director Ian Porthouse, on the Albion Records CD Vaugham Williams on Brass (see Recordings section to purchase), Item Code: TPBB-090 Duration: 14' Difficulty: 3rd Section and above

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    Conquest of Paradise (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Vangelis - Bernaerts, Frank

    From the Paramount motion picture "1492 Conquest Of Paradise". Duration: 04:30

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    Paradise City - Guns'n' Roses - Haakon Esplo

    Paradise City is one of the most famous songs from the band Guns N 'Roses, recorded on the Appetite for Destruction album. It was released as single in 1988 and may contain the most famous guitar riff from Guns N 'Roses played by Slash. The lyrics expresses a desire to come home to a place referred to as "Paradise City". If you want a real rock song on your next concert, this arrangement is a great choice with challenges for all groups and the opportunity to really hit loose.

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    Conquest Of Paradise - Vangelis - Frank Bernaerts

    From the Paramount motion picture "1492 Conquest Of Paradise"

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    Cinema Paradiso (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Morricone, Ennio - Kraeydonck, Jan van

    Main theme from the motion picture "Cinema Paradiso". Duration: 03:45

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    Conquest of Paradise (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Vangelis - Sebregts, Ron

    Conquest Of Paradise is the title song from the film of the same name staring Gerard Depardieu as the explorer Christopher Columbus, on his quest to discover America. The title music to the film, composed by Vangelis, was released as a single, which sold over 4 million copies and was rightfully awarded a Golden Globe. Add a little drama to any concert with this stirring arrangement.Duration: 4:00

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    Parade of the Charioteers (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Rozsa, Miklos - Sykes, Steve

    Miklos Rozsa’s score to the Hollywood epic Ben Hur is powerful and dramatic. This brass band arrangement by Steve Sykes of the Parade of the Charioteers makes for a great concert opener.Suitable for Advanced Youth/3rd Section Bands and aboveDuration: 10.00

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    Don't Rain on my Parade

    'Don't Rain on my Parade' is a popular song from the 1964 musical 'Funny Girl'. It was also featured in the 1968 movie version of the musical. Both the movie and original stage versions of the song feature Barbra Streisand. In 2004 the song finished at number 46 in the American Film Institutes 100 years... 100 songs survey of top tunes in American Cinema.

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    Parade of the Charioteers (Score & Parts) - Miklos Rozsa

    Miklos Rozsa’s score to the Hollywood epic Ben Hur is powerful and dramatic. This brass band arrangement by Steve Sykes of the Parade of the Charioteers makes for a great concert opener. Brass Band Grade 4: Advanced Youth and 3rd Section Duration: 10 minutes

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