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    Introduction - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    The composer: A short concert-opener where I use Norwegian folk-tunes. I wanted to create a short musical picture of the Vikings running from the seashore towards some people they wanted to fight down. They used to drink something made of mushrooms and became very wild. They didn?t feel any pain, they didn?t feel any fear. They where called the Berserkings! Ze voelden geen pijn en kenden geen angst... de Vikingen! Na het drinken van een speciale drank van paddenstoelen konden ze de hele wereld aan. Fraaie Noorse volksmelodieen gebruikend, schetst Aagaard-Nilsen het hero?sche beeld van aanvallende Vikingen. Klaar om de kust te bestormen...

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    Arctic Funk (Introduction no. 3) - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    After composing "Introduction" in 1989 and "Entrada" in 1990, Aagaard-Nilsen received a new commission for a "concert-opener", this time from Tromso Brass in 1991.Tromso is a city in the north of Norway, but despite the cold and snowy winters, the city is famous for it's night-life.In "Arctic Funk" you might get a feeling of a part that take place between ice-rocks and snow-wrapped mountains.

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    Intrada Orientale - Idar Torskangerpoll

    This piece was commisioned by The Norwegian Band Federation - Northwestern Region for an summer festival in Eid. Intrada Orientale recieved it's first performance there in 2012.It is a concert-opener with an oriental flavour, with challenging parts for all players. The composition is built around a driving snare drum part.

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