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    Music and Songs from Captain Sabertooth - Terje Formoe

    The first theatre performance with Captain Sabeltann "Captain Sabeltann and the treasure in Kjuttaviga" premiered in Kristiansand Zoo in 1990. It is up to 2015 written even four plays, all of them renewed several times. From its inception until todayit is sold over 1.2 million tickets to Terje Formoe plays.This arrangement concist of three songs from this music; Heksesangen, Livet er herlig and Bursdagssang (Birthday Song)..

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    Let's Celebrate - Dagmar Kildevann

    Is there something to be celebrated? Then let's play 'Let's Celebrate'! This four-part suite has been based on two birthday songs: the world-famous 'Happy Birthday to you' (which is also sung in many other languages), and the Dutch song 'Lang zal hij/zij leven'. The Fanfare opens in grand style with the motif of 'Lang zal hij leven' and is followed by a cheerful March in which the motifs of both songs can be heard. The third part, Song, forms a moment of contemplation, and the birthday presents are unwrapped by the percussion section in the fourth part, Surprise Party. The yell may be adapted to the occasion. (the sleigh bells caused the composer to note down this somewhat peculiar yell). Of course everybody is expected to join in.

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    Bugeilior Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat) - Welsh Traditional - Gareth Wood

    Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn is an 18th century Welsh love song known to many by its English title of 'Watching the Wheat'. Although the song describes a tragic love affair, the music remains extremely popular with musicians throughout Wales.This skilful new setting for euphonium and brass band by Welshman Gareth Wood was commissioned by Robert and Lorraine Childs and given to their son David as a 26th birthday present.Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn can be heard on the CD Celtic Charm (DOYCD214) on which the performers are David Childs and the Cory Band.

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    This duet for Eb tenor horn with brass band has been skillfully scored by Tim Paton, recreating this popular melody brought to fame by singer Robbie Williams.Tim comments:At the end of 2002, Robbie Williams presented us with the song “Feel”. My wife, Julie, loves Robbie Williams, she also loves playing Tenor Horn with Flixton Band, so I took this sensitive and memorable music by Guy Chambers, and arranged it as a horn duet with brass band accompaniment for her birthday in 2003. Also available as a full brass band version.

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    The Wind Beneath My Wings

    A beautiful Baritone duet setting of this legendary ballad.Tim Paton writes:My band colleague, friend and baritone player, Eileen Ludlow, asked me on several occasions to arrange this well loved song as a baritone duet for her and Clare. So asa birthday present for Eileen, this is my contribution to an ever growing number of pieces featuring the long neglected baritone player!

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    Island Whirl - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Island Whirl was commissioned by Margaret Milligan who wanted a brand new piece of music composed as a present for Ian, her husband for his 70th birthday. Ian Milligan is a keen and dedicated musician and he is the musical director of Callendar Brass, based in Callendar near Stirling in Scotland.Margaret contacted me about the possibility of composing a short lively piece which had a Scottish theme that would be ideal for Callendar Brass Band and any other ensemble to get their teeth into. This piece takes its inspiration from the traditional Scottish folk song ‘An Eriskay Love Lilt’ which is a particular favourite of both Margaret and Ian.With thunderous Celtic drums the piece opens in a whirlwind of sound with fanfare brass and an off-stage soloist that can perform using either the cornet or trumpet. After the exciting opening, the brass and drums die away to allow the off-stage soloist to air the traditional tune ‘An Eriskay Love Lilt’.The beautiful haunting melody, keeping its originality throughout undergoes a series of changes in the accompanying harmonic material before dying away to allow the Celtic drums to return. The percussion whip the band into a frenzy as the piece gets faster and faster. Just prior to the final notes the band diminuendo to allow one last closing statement from the Eriskay Love Lilt lead by the off-stage soloist before the ensemble charge to a dramatic close.When performing this piece I would recommend the off-stage soloist taking a position somewhere in the audience, so they can almost feel part of the performance. In addition, with the two tom-tom parts that represent the Celtic drums, bands should make the most of showcasing them by getting the two drummers out to the front of the band to perform. The ideal stage position would be with the players set up in stereo with one player in front of the soprano cornet and the other in front of the solo trombone.With the various choreographed movements from both the off-stage soloist and the percussionists. This piece is a great addition to any concert repertoire and is an ideal showcase for bands who want to try something a little different.I wish Ian at 70 years young, all the very best with his music making in the many years to come and I hope this piece, composed especially for him and Callender Brass brings them many years of musical enjoyment.Paul Lovatt-Cooper

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