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    Canzonetta - Bart Picqueur

    CANZONETTA - Bart Picqueur - 4'50'' - BVT052 Eb Soprano Cornet Solo Canzonetta is a beautiful soprano cornet solo written for Bert Van Thienen and recorded on CD 'Lac L?man' by Brass Band Heist. Beauty doesn't have to be complicated, but this work requires strenght and subtlety of the soloist.

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    The Mermaid of Zennor - Philip Harper

    Commissioned by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band to mark its 60th Anniversary, with funds bequethed by Dennis Arbon This piece is inspired by an old Cornish folk-tale set in the village of Zennor on the coast of Cornwall, the most South-Westerly county of England. The music is in three sections: l. The Sea and Seafaring ll. At the Church ill. Return to the Waves

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    Elegy I - Jacob de Haan

    Elegy I 'Jealousy' has been named after John Donne's poem of the same name. This English poet (1572-1631) wrote an entire series of elegies, each with its own theme. Jealousy can trigger various emotions, ranging from disappointment, grief, or regret, to madness and anger. All these emotions have been incorporated into this composition. Jacob de Haan was inspired by three different works of art: a poem (the aforementioned poem by John Donne), a painting by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (Jealousy in the Garden) and an old French chanson about jealousy (Je ne l'ose dire) by the sixteenth-century French composer Pierre Certon. The music refers repeatedly to this chanson - sometimes through key notes from the melody that serve as the starting point for new, isolated themes and sometimes through quotations of the original version

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    Rough Mix - James L. Hosay

    Why not try something different with your brassband? Rough Mix is a poprock tune that incorporates elements of punk and alternative rock. It contains optionalparts for two electric guitars and synthesizer. With or withoutthe optional parts this is a solid and fun arrangementthat will have particular appeal for young musicians and audiences.

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