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    Belmont Brigade - Bruce Fraser

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    Belmont - Roy Newsome

    This set is march card sized

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    Brass Monkey's Warm Ups - Gavin Somerset

    Warm UpsThe perfect way to get your learners to warm up before a rehearsal. This publication features 4 warm up pieces that get players moving together and listening to the tuning of each other...Ups & DownsCrotchets moving over 4 notes in sections and then the whole band in unison.Scales AwayCrotchet scales that also provide harmonies with each other.Crispy QuaversGet your band playing Quavers together whilst moving over 3 notes.Slide AlongAn exercise requiring very little movement of the fingers, just the lips!These 4 exercises are then followed by 3 hymn tune arrangement of Belmont, Crimond & Blaenwern which can also be used as concert items by your band.

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    Selected Hymn Tunes - Various

    Dedicated to the South West Brass Bands AssociationDavinia Lorraine (Drake Rimmer)Belmont (arr. Drake Rimmer)Aberystwyth (Joseph Parry arr. Beckingham)

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