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    North of England Folk Song Suite | trad. arr. Alwyn Green

    An excellent concert piece of three traditional but contrasting songs, a love poem, a song of longing and loss, and a quick jaunty celebration of traditional life.The Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill from Yorkshire is a love ballad. The lass is Frances l'Anson, whose parents disapproved of her chosen love, and the couple eloped. The piece popularised the poetic phrase - A Rose without a Thorn.The Oak and the Ash from Lancashire is a traditional song comparing town and country life - a very popular theme in the 17th century. A girl from the North of England has moved to London to find a husband, but she is lonely in the city and wishes she could be home again - 'O the Oak and the Ash and the bonny Elum tree, they're all growing green in the North Country'The Keel Row from Northumberland is a traditional folk song evoking the life and work of the Keelmen of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and with it's quick light beat it is used as the trot march for the Life Guards and the Royal Horse Artillery.InstrumentationSoprano, Solo, Repiano, 2nd and 3rd CornetsFlugelhornSolo, 1st and 2nd Tenor Horns1st and 2nd Baritone1st, 2nd and Bass TromboneEuphoniumEb and Bb BassesPercussion parts (2):1: Timpani, Glockenspiel, Cymbal, Sleigh Bells, Maracas2: Drum Kit, Gong, Side DrumISMN: 979-0-708127-02-4

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    City of the North - Keiron Anderson

    This rousing march was inspired by the majestic cities of the north of England, and features a contrasting trio in 6/8 time.

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    Hills of the North Rejoice - Martin Shaw

    This is a beautiful hymn setting arranged for brass band by Steve Robson, inspired by the words of Charles Oakley (1832-1865), set to the melody of Little Cornard by Martin Shaw (1875-1958).Steve writes: The words of the opening line of the Hymn have added significance for me, in that I am fortunate to live high amongst England's most northerly hills, "The North Pennines".A strikingly beautiful melody which has been artfully scored by Steve to create waves of emotion throughout. A stunning piece to include in programmes for concerts and entertainment contests.Look and Listen (courtesy of the Reg Vardy Band):

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    SECRET OF THE NORTH ??" James Atkins

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    A North Norwegian Fantasy - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    This exciting brass band work is written in the form of a rhapsody based on folk tunes originating from the region where this young Norwegian composer was born. In addition to traditional harmonies the composer makes use of modal chords to create the appropriate atmosphere for this beautiful region of Norway.

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    Fox from the North - Jacob de Haan

    As with his march Fresena, Jacob de Haan assimilated a well-known folksong from his province of birth (Friesland) into this swinging composition. Both works originate from a festival suite that he once wrote by order of this province.

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    North Country Pastorale - Ray Steadman-Allen

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