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    Ride - Samuel Hazo

    Ride was written by Samuel R. Hazo as a gesture of appreciation for all of the kind things Jack Stamp had done for him; ranging from his unwavering friendship to his heartfelt advice on composition and subjects beyond.Ride takes its inspiration from a fifteen-minute drive by Samuel from a composer's forum to the home of Jack. It was whilst making this journey that Ride was written, capturing the exact moment in Samuel's life when Jack's generosity was equal to the beautiful Indiana countryside, blurring past his car window.

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    Perthshire Majesty - S. Hazo - Kevin Van Giel

    Perthshire Majesty - Samuel Hazo - arr. Kevin Van Giel - 4'30'' - BVT080 Beautifull hymn tune by Samuel Hazo, and lovely arranged by Kevin Van Giel

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    The Red Hills of Georgia - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 4 minutes. DIFFICULTY: Championship. The title of this work comes from a line in Martin Luther King Jnr's famous 'I Have a Dream ' speech, portraying the vast expanses of the plains of Georgia and the notable red hue to the surrounding mountains. This piece is very much influenced by the music of American wind band composers Samuel Hazo and Richard Saucedo, both of which are regularly inspired by the scenery of 'the big country'. This piece was composed for Jaren Hornmusikkforening as part of their programme for the 2018 SIDDIS Championships held in Stavanger, Norway. .

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    A Wesley Hymn

    A small meditation based on a theme attributed to John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement. Whilst Johns brothers Charles and Samuel Jr. are most famous for their hymns, John often transcribed hymns and texts to pieces for worship (especially those of Germanic origin) Whether this melody is entirely John's is unknown, however the beautiful text that this is set to most certainly is: "May we this life improve, To morn for errors past; And live this short, revolving day, As if it were our last."

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    Platoon - BARBER, Samuel (Arr.: John Glenesk Mortimer)

    Adagio for Strings

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