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    Busy Line - Murry Semos - Gavin Somerset

    Originally a hit for Rose Murphy before being re-recorded by Peter Skellern on his 1982 album "A String Of Pearls", this arrangement is based on the Skellern recording which has a 'trad-jazz' feel throughout. The piece gives your band a chance to show off the soloists, including solo cornet, flugel, solo horn, solo trombone & bass section (however an optional cut is included which removes the soloists section). You may also remember the piece from the BT television adverts in 1990 with its unique use of the 'brr brr brr' sound! If you're looking for something new and entertaining for your concert program this year, look no further!

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    Nocturne - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Commissioned by Manger School Band and their conductor (at that time) Bj?rn Sagstad in 1990. He wanted a calm, slow piece of music. Nocturne means 'night music'. It does not reflect a particular dream, but the feeling you get when you?re day-dreaming: you are in the middle of beeing awake and asleep. Geschreven in opdracht van Manger School Band en hun dirigent (op dat moment) Bj?rn Sagstad in 1990. Hij wilde een rustig, langzaam stuk muziek. Nocturne betekent 'nacht muziek'. Het gaat dus niet een bepaalde droom, maar het gevoel dat je krijgt wanneer je aan het dagdromen bent: je bent in het midden van wakker zijn en slapen.

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    Hva var vel livet uten deg? - Ernfrid Ahlin - Jan Utbult

    "Hva var vel livet uten deg" ("What was the life without you") is a song composed by Swedish composer Ernfrid Ahlin with lyrics by the Norwegian Gunnar Kaspersen.It has been features in both movies and TV-series from 1951 and onward. The most well-known version is from the TV-series "Fredrikssons Fabrikk" which was produced between 1990 and 1993.

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    Sovnlaus - Haugen Haugen - Idar Torskangerpoll

    Hellbillies is a Norwegian rock band founded in 1990 in the small village of Al, Hallingdal. They are now among the most popular bands in Norway with 16 CD-releases. They are awarded the Norwegian "Spellemannsprisen" (an equivalent to Grammy) several times."Sovnlaus" ("Sleepless") is the title track from their last record album released in 2016. It's a typical powerful rock song and should be played with power and precision.

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    The Binding of the Wolf - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    This piece was commissioned by Nordhordland Brass Seminar in 1990 and written for a youth band. The title referes to a story from norse mythology. "The Binding of the Wolf" is not a programmatic piece of music, but I felt that there was a kind of coherence between the music and the dramatic story: "...The wolf Fenrir was one of the demonic offspring of Loki, and as he grew up in Asgard among the gods, he became so huge and fierce that only Tyr was willing to feed him. It was decided that he must be bound, and Odin in his wisdom caused the cunning dwarfs to forge a chain which could not be broken. It was made from the invisible and yet potent powers of the world, such as the roots of a mountain, the noise of a moving cat, the breath of a fish. When completed, this chain seemed to be no more than a silken cord, but the wolf refused to let it be laid upon him unless one of the gods would put a hand between his jaws as a pledge that it was harmless. Only Tyr was prepared to do this, and when the wolf found that the chain was unbreakable, the gods rejoiced, but Tyr lost his hand. The binding of the wolf may be seen as a means of protecting the world of men, as well as that of the gods, from destruction. The story of the god losing his hand appears to be one of the fundamental myths of nothern Europe..."

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    Mercury - Jan Van der Roost

    Mercury is a concert march composed in a typically British idiom. In 1990, Jan Van der Roost wrote this piece on the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of his own band: Brass Band Midden Brabant. Like many British marches, the main theme is written in a minor key. Powerful and virtuoso themes characterize the first part of this march, while the trio melody is much more melodical, offering the tenor register to display its lyrical skills. Follows a dynamic passage for trombones and trumpets/cornets, leading to a "grandioso" version of the main trio melody and thus concluding this march in a magnificent way.

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    Variations on a Chord - Jan de Haan

    Variations on a Chord was composed on the occasion of the second lustrum of the Dutch Brass Band Championships celebrated in 1990. The piece is the immediate sequel to Contrasten a piece which was composed in 1986, and which is performed all over the world. Not only was the final chord of this previous work used as a starting point for the new composition, but Variations on a Chord is also the first concert piece for brass band composed by Jan de Haan since then. The several variations are based on a solemn theme. The so-called minor-major seventh chord is easily detectable. The structure of the piece is such that the lyrical theme is preceded by a majestic introduction, and is followed by eight variations each strongly contrasting in character. The piece finishes in a short but extremely spectacular coda.

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    Riv i hjertet - Sondre Justad - John Philip Hannevik

    The singer/ songwriter Sondre Justad was born in Lofoten in the north of Norway in 1990.His first album Riv i hjertet was released in 2015, and it became a huge success. He got very fine reviews in some of the largest norwegian newspapers, and the title-song was played frequently on the national radio-stations.The song title could loosely be translated as pulling at my heartstrings, and the song has a deep and dark meaning, with the opening lyrics sounding:If I knew - that I would be dying soon, would I be happy with the way I am living my lifePlease note that the repeating figures in upper cornets should never be dominant, they should only provide texture to the accompaniment.

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    Arctic Funk (Introduction no. 3) - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    After composing "Introduction" in 1989 and "Entrada" in 1990, Aagaard-Nilsen received a new commission for a "concert-opener", this time from Tromso Brass in 1991.Tromso is a city in the north of Norway, but despite the cold and snowy winters, the city is famous for it's night-life.In "Arctic Funk" you might get a feeling of a part that take place between ice-rocks and snow-wrapped mountains.

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    Abstractions - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Verket ble bestilt av Norges Musikkorpsforbund som pliktnummer til NM for Brass Band 2. divisjon (na 1. divisjon) 1990.Satstitlene er abstraksjoner der synsopplevelser er tenkt gjenskapt som musikk, altsa en abstrakt fremstilling av et motiv, likt et abstrakt bilde der man ikke umiddelbart kan se likheten.1. Aurora Borealis (Lento espressivo) Inspirert av Nordlyset som kan vaere svaert intenst vinterstid.Det er aldri i ro og antar nye fasonger og farger hele tiden mens det farer over nattehimmelen.The first movement is inspired by the northern lights. It constantly changes in colour and shape.2. Rocks (Moderato ben ritmico)I denne satsen er tittelen et ordspill. Ordet "rock" er velkjent i musikken, men er ogsa en enorm stein eller del av et fjell.The title of the second movement is a play with the word "rock" is a well-known word describing a musical genre. But it is also a giant stone or a part of a mountain.3. Seascape (Allegro)I denne satsen forsoker jeg a fange ulike aspekter ved havet, samtidig som satsen samler opp musikalske ideer fra de to foregaende satsene. Denne satsen videreforer, oppsummerer og avslutter verket.The third movement is inspired by different aspects of the sea. It also sums up different ideas that occurs in the two previous movements to round off the whole piece.Tredje utgave - 2015Third Edition - 2015