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    BLUE BELL OF SCOTLAND, The (Euphonium/Brass Band) - Pryor, Arthur - Sparke, Philip

    Euphonium & Brass Band. This well loved solo is now available with Brass Band accompaniment.

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    HOLY WELL, The (Euphonium/Brass Band) - Graham, Peter

    The main theme fromOn Alderley Edgewas commissioned for euphonium solo by Riki McDonnell. Recorded by both Riki and Morgan Griffiths of Yorkshire Building Society Band.

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    LORD'S PRAYER, The (Euphonium/Brass Band) - Wilkinson, Keith M.

    Euphonium Solo & Brass Band. Grade: Easy

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    SUMMER ISLES (Euphonium/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    from Hymn of the Highlands. The Summer Isles are a group of islands located off the North West coast of Scotland which are famous for their wildlife. This piece, written for solo euphonium and brass band, reflects the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the islands. The wonderful melodious nature of the euphonium is displayed in this piece and the opening theme is followed by melodic interplay between the soloist and cornets. This piece will surely be enjoyed by any audience. Duration: 4:10 American Grade 4

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    HARLEQUIN (Euphonium/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Harlequin was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, euphonium virtuoso David Childs. The piece takes its inspiration from the happy and sad masks that symbolise the Commedia dell'Arte (which features Harlequin as one of its main characters) and comprises of two movements, a slow modal ballad followed by a frenetic faster movement. A fantastic showpiece for the euphonium and brass band. Duration: 9:16 A Solo with Piano accompaniment edition is also available. Recorded on QPRL220D Master Brass (Volume Sixteen) - World Premiere.

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    PARTY PIECE (Euphonium/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Party Piece was commissioned in 1986 by the Cambirdge Co-op Band for their long-serving principal euphonium (and later, conductor) Charles Shipp. It falls into two sections which are jointed by a short cadenza: the first is a tender Andante with a simple tune which is then decorated, and the second a breezy Allegro with a darker central episode. Duration 7:06 Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL042D A Touch More Spice. Also available Euphonium with Piano Accompaniment edition. Solo with Piano Accompaniment version recorded on Polyphonic QPRZ019D The World of Euphonium Vol.3 (Steven Mead)

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    CONCERTO FOR EUPHONIUM (Brass Band Parts) - Scott, Andy

    Brass Band parts only, solo part not included - available separately. The 'Concerto for Euphonium' with Brass Band is scored in three movements: The Lure of the Red Jacket; Far Beyond the Stars; The Dragon's Den. The Lure of the Red Jacket responds musically to these ideas and attitudes; a non-relenting riff that signifies the hard slog of practice, scorings which find members of the band supporting the soloist, all the time the soloist putting together new riffs and ideas. Stylistically all this happens within a frame of minimalism and funk. Far Beyond the Stars is a simple folk-like melody that is stated by the soloist, which develops with different harmonic backdrops being introduced. The poignant words form the focus of the emotional intensity of this piece. The Dragon's Den is a fierce and fiery fusion of energy, virtuosic playing and intricate ensemble work, the finale of the Concerto for Euphonium draws upon the composers experience of big band and small group performance and writing. Dur: 15:00

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