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    CAROLS FOR BAND Soprano Cornet (Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    36 popular carols. Parts can be ordered separately or as a standard set of Brass Band or Concert Band parts. Parts are divided strictly into Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass so that any suitable instrumentation will work, provided that an equal balance of players per voice is maintained

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    Definitions (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Hill, Fendall

    This original work for Soprano Cornet and Piano has been widely used as a test piece in national and state competitions in New Zealand and Australia. It is the set piece for the Open Soprano Cornet section of the 2018 Australian National Brass Band Championships. After much popular demand, we are pubishing a version for soprano corenet and band.

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    Flowerdale (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Flowerdale is a forest in Wester Ross, Scotland, which is well-known for it's beautiful waterfall. This piece, for solo soprano cornet, is one of the movements from Philip Sparke's epic suite Hymn of the Highlands. It depicts the tall trees swaying gently in the wind with the serenity of the area being reflected by the subtle accompaniment of the band. Let your soprano player bloom into colour with this exquisite solo. A real show stopper. 04:20

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    Beecher Variations (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    In this beautiful composition, melodic fragments of the hymn tune Beecher are morphed into a series of variations, showing the melody in various moods from expressive, then quiet and soft, to bright and triumphant in the end. Written as a test piece in the 4th division for the Dutch Brass Band Championships in 2015, the music features challenging solo parts for cornet, soprano cornet, flugelhorn and euphonium. A great work for the concert stage! 11:58

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    WORLD WITHIN, A (Brass Band Parts) - Scott, Andy

    Brass Band parts only. 'A World Within' is a one-movement work that starts with a simple theme stated by the Soprano Cornet before an ostinato figure in 6/8 time emerges (Vibraphone, Horns and muted 2nd and 3rd Cornets) over which firstly Solo Cornet, and then both Solo Cornets (1 & 2), play a sustained melody. A shift between major and minor harmonies characterises the 'B' section, before making way for a virtuosic Flugel solo. When the Flugel leaves centre stage the front line Cornets take over, leading to a full bodied reprise of the 'B' section. The low brass bridge the gap between what is in effect the end of the first main section of the piece and the second section. The constant time shift between 3/4 and 6/8 that has been prevalent through-out 'A World Within', re-emerges towards the end of the 'slow, heavy blues' section, leading into an intricate almost fugue-like passage (Horn and Baritone leading the way). Out of this comes a short transitional bridge section that leads us back to the (transposed) original 6/8 time theme and feel, this time scored with a bold directness that leads to a powerful 2/4 time passage. The climax of 'A World Within' is heralded by one dark and dissonant chord that is repeated three times. A flashback moment occurs where the 'hymn' is stated (muted Cornets) in a bitonal harmonic world. A final statement emerges from the denseness of sound, a re-working of the initial theme (Solo Cornet), with the last work being left to Solo Eb Bass. Dur: 13:00

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    Hymn at Sunrise (Parts only) - Ray Steadman-Allen

    The idea for this work was prompted by a poem - Hymn Before Sunrise - which describes the majesty of a mountain in darkness, the sounds of a nearby waterfall and so on. Nothing came of the exposure to these pictures except for general thoughts about the dawn of day and a series of movements expressing a personal response to the wonder of creation in an imaginary moment in time. The movement titles, which were added later, are intended to underline a prevailing sense of worship, wonder and exaltation. The music is pure, not pictoral, though listeners may conjure their own images. An actual hymn - Tallis' Cannon - is incorporated. There are five movements: 1. Thanksgiving: A short prelude in two parts. First a brief passage of 'dawn music' before things become more vigorous: fanfare-like music ushers in the trombone section's presentation of the Tallis tune. A broad band version concludes the movement. 2. De Profundis: A slow movement shot through with anxious questionings featuring flugel and trombone. The mood lightens a little in the centre where the soprano cornet is featured and the movement ends serenely. 3. Celebration is characterised by rhythmic drive, this is buoyant with plenty of incident pointed up by the percussion. 4. Invocation: Melodic in nature and sober in mood, the first section is a series of short solos mingled with chorale-like statements. Central to the movement is a chorale-prelude style presentation of the Tallis tune. The third section reintroduces the earlier solo music by the full ensemble. Dissolving, the music enters the last movement without a break. 5. Paean: Marked allegro con spirito there is, quite rightly, a fair amount of fun in the rejoicing. Snatches of Tallis are heard, then comes a gentle passage with a cornet solo leading to fanfare music and recapitulation. Two recitatives are succeeded by a coda which brings the work to a sonorous and exultant conclusion.

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    Revelation - Score and Parts - Philip Wilby

    Symphony for Double Brass on a theme of Purcell 1995 marked the tercentenary of Purcell’s death, and my new score Revelation has been written as a tribute to his music and the ornate and confident spirit of his age. There are five major sections: 1 Prologue 2 Variations on a ground bass I 3 Fugue 4 Variations on a ground bass II 5 Epilogue and Resurrection The score uses many features of the Baroque Concerto Grosso, and arranges players in two equal groups from which soloists emerge to play in a variety ofvirtuoso ensembles. It quotes freely from Purcell’s own piece Three Parts on a Ground in which he has composed a brilliant sequence of variations over a repeating six-note bass figure. This original motif can be heard most clearly beneath the duet for Cornet 5 and Soprano at the beginning of the 2nd section. There is, of course, a religious dimension to Revelation as the title suggests, and the score is prefaced by lines by the 17th century poet John Donne. His Holy Sonnet paraphrases the Book of Revelation in which the dead are raised at the sounds of the last trumpet. Donne’s trumpets are themselves placed stereophonically “. . . At the round Earth’s imagined corners” and it is this feature that today’s players represent as they move around the performing area. Their final apocalyptic fanfares can be heard at the close of the score, as Purcell’s music re-enters in a lasting tribute to England’s first composer of genius. Philip Wilby September 1995 At the round Earth imagined corners, blow your trumpets, angels, and arise, arise from death, you numberless infinities Of souls, and to your scattered bodies go. All whom the flood did, and fire shall o ‘erthrow All whom war, dearth, age, agues, tyrannies, Despair, law, chance hath slain, and you whose eyes Shall Behold God, and never taste death woe. John Donne after Revelation Ch. 11 v.15

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    Theme from Ladies in Lavender (Brass Band/Score & Parts) - Nigel Hess

    Set in a picturesque coastal Cornwall, in a tight-knit fishing village in the 1930s, Ladies in Lavender starred Judi Dench and Maggie Smith as sisters Ursula and Janet Widdington. This arrangement of the much loved theme by Nigel Hess has been arranged for soprano or solo cornet and brass band.

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    Angel Voices (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Bowen, Brian

    A beautiful work for Soprano Cornet and band based on an original song by Ernest Rance. Recorded by the New York Staff Band.

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    Ave Maria Vocal Solo (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Bach, Johan Sebastian - Gounod, Charles

    An arrangement of Bach/Gounod's popular song, as performed by ITV's Britain's Got Talent star Faryl Smith. Here it is arranged for soprano voice with brass band accompaniment

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