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    Far Horizons - Sailing West - Philip Wilby

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    Hispaniola - Jan de Haan

    This colourful work is based on the adventures of ChristopherColumbus and his voyages to discover Africa and other newterritories around the World. The theory that the earth wasround urged Columbus to try and reach Asia by sailing west.A truly exotic work that grasps the drive and excitement ofthe world's greatest explorer.

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    Tales and Myths of Gothia - Jerker Johansson

    Jerker Johansson has lived in Gothenburg, on the Swedish West Coast, since 1984, and is deeply interested in the history of the country. Gothia is the most southern part of Sweden, and Gothenburg, which was founded in 1621, is since many years an important centre for trade and shipping. Old paintings of the harbour with its gigantic sailing ships gave impulse to the heroic character of the piece.The opening fanfare is followed by a lively allegro, which eventually leads to a calm section, containing reminiscences of the fanfare. The cornets introduce a cantabile theme, and a dance reminding of the Renaissance precede a recapitulation of the allegro theme. Tales and Myths of Gothia was originally composed for concert band in 2017. The brass band version was premiered on 26 April 2019 during Oslo Brass festival by Uffes Blas Brassband, conducted by Andreas Kratz.

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