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    Euphonium's Amazing Americas Tour - Solo Euphonium (Bass Clef) - LM172 - Alexandra Lehmann

    COMPOSER: Alexandra LehmannEuphonium's Amazing Americas TourThe year 2020 will be infamously recorded as a time when musicians had to lead a solitary life, which is incompatible with musical activity.1. Hearty HoedownEuphoniumplays at a lively, social, rural gathering;a 'hoedown'; for cowboys and girls. Yeeha!2. Barcarolle BluesOn the 18th of December 1865, the 13th Amendment(abolishing slavery in USA) was officially adopted into the Constitution.Euphoniumis on a boat sailing the Mississippi with former slavestravelling further north in hope of a better life.As the river gently sways the traumatised passengers,they find solace in music-making.3. Kindred KlezmerEuphoniumis playing for Ashkenazi (West and East European)Jews dancing fervently and with joy as a community.4. Carnival CalypsoFurther south, in 1834,Euphonium is playing at a carnivalcompetition in Trinidad, celebrating the abolition of slavery.It is in call (the lead singer)-and-response (the rest of the group) form.The chariot passes through cheering crowds,and trundles merrily into the distance.5. Tantalising TangoEuphoniumis at a dance theatre in downtown Buenos Aires,playing an intense, and moody tango.Couples dance in a passionate and powerful embrace.6. Hallowed Harawi of the IncasThe Incas are no more, like so many indigenouspeoples of the Americas.Euphonium plays an Incan Harawi,a love song, as their spirit still echoes across the valleys,mountains, forests, and rivers that nurtured them in ancient times.

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