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    BEULAH LAND (Brass Band Set) - Wilfred Heaton - Paul Hindmarsh

    Wilfred Heaton began to assemble material for 'Beulah Land' in the early 1990s following a request from the Amsterdam Staff Band for a new work. Despite reminding himself on the manuscript that he should either complete or destroy the work before his death, ultimately he did not manage either. This edition was subsequently realised in 2003 for the tour of the USA Western States by the Amsterdam Staff Band.'Beulah Land' is Heaton's vision of the joy that awaits the Christian in Heaven and, according to his family, is reminiscent of the kind of music he often improvised at the piano. The three movements are as follows;1. Better World; a waltz sequence on the tune 'Zealley' to which the words 'There is a better world, they say' are sung.2. Heavenly Home; an elegiac cortege using the tunes 'My home is in Heaven', 'I have a home that is fairer than day' and 'The home over there'.3. Happy Land; Beginning in waltz rhythm this soon gives way to a sequence of free variations on the song 'There is a happy land, Far, far away'.

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    EXULTATE DEO (Brass Band Set) - Paul Sharman

    Translated as 'Praise the Lord', 'Exultate Deo' was conceived as an overture of praise to God. It brings together three contrasting songs of praise; 'Praise Him!', 'We are here to praise you' and 'Then will the very rocks cry out'. The bold opening uses the tune 'Gerontius' to which the words, 'Praise to the holiest in the height' are associated while the music concludes with the phrase 'Praise my soul, the King of Heaven'.

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