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    King Kong (Brass Band - Score only)

    Mention King Kong to anyone and they will imagine the famous Empire State Building scene with the massive ape. In this work Klaas and Titus van der Woude have taken the theme from James Newton Howard's movie soundtrack and arranged it into a fantastic concert piece that will have your audience hiding under their chairs and screaming in fear. 06:11

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    Legends of Cyfarthfa - Matthew Hall

    Legends of CyfarthfaCombining the music of Joseph Parry and the legendary Cyfarthfa Band, Legends of Cyfarthfa is a technically challenging but musically rewarding concert work. Robert Crawshay owned the Cyfarthfa Ironworks in South Wales creating a business empire second to none.Cyfarthfa Castle was built by Crawshay as the family home from the income made via the ironworks. He wanted his own private band to play under the name of the ironworks with the best players in the world, playing on the highest quality instruments at the time. Employing the band members under the guise of iron workers, the Cyfarthfa Band was made up of virtuoso players, performing for the pleasure of the Crawshay dynasty.This virtuosity can be heard in some of the more technically challenging sections of Legends of Cyfarthfa. Joseph Parry was born in Cyfarthfa.He composed the first piece of music specifically written for brass band called Tydfil Overture for the Cyfarthfa Band, alongside many other memorable works for other instrumentation.Legends of Cyfarthfa incorporates many of Parry’s works including his opera Blodwen, hymn tune Aberystwyth, folk melody Myfanwy and the Tydfil Overture, alongside many other melodies from Wales. Sospanfach, Men of Harlech, Lisa Lan and Calon Lan are just a number of the melodies that are used in this composition.The premiere performance was given by Tredegar Town Band under the direction of Ian Porthouse at the 2010 Brass in Concert Championships where it was awarded the Cyril Beere Memorial Trophy for Best New Composition or Arrangement.Legends of Cyfarthfa

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    Cadillac Of The Skies - John Williams

    Cadillac of the Skies is taken from the score to 1987 film Empire of the Sun, by John Williams. As Jim, played by a young Christian Bale, watches in amazement as the P-51 aircrafts attack the camp, he is overcome by the majestic spectacle of the aircraft and screams out joyously, "P-51, Cadillac of the Skies!" with the serene and beautiful music of the scene being wonderfully juxtaposed with the surroundings of war.

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    Radetzky March - Johann Strauss I

    First performed in Vienna on the 31st August 1848, the Radetzky March is one of Strauss’ most enduring pieces. It was commissioned to celebrate the Austrian Empire’s victory over Sardinia at the Battle of Custoza earlier that year, and was named for and dedicated to the Austrian commander, Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radetz.When it was first played in front of Austrian officers, they spontaneously clapped and stamped their feet when they heard the trio; a tradition that continues to this day with audiences. It is traditionally played as the last piece at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year's Concerts.

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