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    Images for Brass - Score & Parts - Stephen Bulla

    2nd Section Finals Test Piecefor National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2016Includes four movements: Prologue; Approach by Sea; Chorale Prayer; Engagement

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    Brass Monkey's Soloists - Martin Geovess

    The main goal of any training band is to eventually see the players progress through the ranks and ultimately, be placed within the senior band. This latest instalment of the Brass Monkeys series, aims to bring that goal much closer and boost the confidence of the learners. The 'Brass Monkey's Soloists' publication features four specially composed works which allows the young soloists to perform a feature piece with accompaniment from the senior band. There is no bigger confidence boost than playing up alongside the 'big band'. The specially tailored solo parts are written at an advanced training band level, whilst the senior band parts will keep them busy as they aid the future generations to come. This publication features...THE OLD 'F' AND 'C' - (Solo for Cornet / Flugel)LAZY DAYS - (Solo for Trombone)DANNI'S SONG - (Solo for Tenor Horn)THE SHOWMAN - (Solo for Euphonium / Baritone / Xylophone)

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    The Four Noble Truths - Philip Sparke

    The Four Noble Truths are the most basic expression of the teaching of Buddha and therefore still form the guidelines for Buddhists to this day. The four truths are Dukkha, which describes times of major stress in our lives - birth, aging, desire and death; Samudaya which describes those parts of our life that induce stress, feeling, craving, desire; Nirodha which tells us how to eliminate those aspects of our lives which induce stress and Magga which describes the eight didciplines which can help us eliminate the origins of stress from our lives. It can be seen from these over-simplified definitions, that the Four Noble Truths fall into two pairs, the first two describing the origins of stress and the second two describing how we can reduce stress. To reflect this, the four movements of this work are also combined into two pairs - two quick movements and two slow movements. A fascinating work from this great English composer.

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    Four Christmas Carols

    This series is for Brass Bands with a reduced number of playersThis series is without Repiano, 2nd Horn in Eb and 2nd TromboneParts included for:1 Eb Soprano Cornet5 Solo Bb Cornet3 2nd Bb Cornet2 3rd Bb Cornet1 Bb Flugel Horn1 Solo Eb Horn2 1st Eb Horn1 1st Bb Baritone2 2nd Bb Baritone (2nd Bb Trombone)1 1st Bb Trombone1 Bass Trombone2 Bb Euphonium2 Eb Bass2 Bb Bass1 Timpani2 Percussion/Drum SetOptional parts also included for:1 1st Trombone BC1 2nd Trombone BC1 Bass Trombone TC

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    Gospel Brass Machine - Mark Taylor

    A funky upbeat piece that will go down a storm with both band and audience alike.Mark Taylor wrote the trumpet feature Scream Machine for a vinyl album of the same name released in 1985 by the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble. Featuring four 'screamer' trumpet parts, it was later published in a slightly simpler version called Brass Machine. This arrangement for brass band includes a middle gospel section.

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    A Celebration of Youth - Score & Parts - Philip Harper

    A Celebration of Youth was written in 2001 for the Worcester County Youth Brass Band conducted by Nicky Daw. It’s a lively four minute concert piece suitable for opening or closing a programme, in turn heraldic, then romantic, and always rhythmic. Playable by most levels of bands.

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    A Gallimaufry Suite - Score & Parts - Philip Harper

    I – Fanfare & ThemeII – SongIII – HymnIV – Toccata & FinaleA Gallimaufry Suite consists of four movements, all thematically independent. The first movement consists of a sparkling Fanfare followed by a stately Theme which ends quietly. The second movement is a Children’s Song; quirky but cute, and the Hymn which follows is a study in calm and tranquillity, featuring a quartet-group of cornet, baritone, trombone and euphonium. The last movement is a virtuosic Toccata which eventually begins to recall the other themes of the suite before a grand reprise of the first movement Theme brings the work to a dazzling conclusion.

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    Lionheart - Score & Parts - Philip Harper

    Lionheart was commissioned by the British Federation of Brass Bands for the 2007 European Brass Band Championships held at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham, and first performed at the Gala Concert by the European Youth Brass Band. It is a triumphant concert opener of about four minutes duration playable by second, first and championship bands.

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    James Cook, Circumnavigator - Score & Parts - Gilbert Vinter

    2008 Regional Brass Band Championships - 1st Section test pieceJames Cook - Circumnavigator was the last work written for brass band by Gilbert Vinter. It was completed just four months before his death and he was destined never to hear it. The

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    The Shipbuilders - Score and Parts - Peter Yorke

    A wonderful original suite for brass band by Peter Yorke with great musical imagery. It is in four movements: Web of Steel; The Launching; All Hands at Work; Maiden Voyage.

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