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    First Attempt (brass band) - Tim Paton

    This concert march, composed by Tim Paton for brass band, has taken inspiration from the inimitable style of the 'march king', Kenneth J Alford.It's an upbeat, cheerful march which has stood the test of time - it was premiered back in 1970 on the Rozel Bandstand by the Weston-Super-Mare Silver Band!Marches have always been a favourable choice in brass band concert programmes, so here's a great opportunity to bring a new offering to the table which helps lift spirits through its catchy pulse and creativity.Also available as a version for brass ensemble.

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    Frontier Vision (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Frontier Vision is a concert or contest piece based on three elements: the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Reformation Day, the Martin Luther melody, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott) on which this composition is based, and thirdly the spreading of the evangelical movement in the late 19th century, of which the analogous storyline forms the structural basis of this work. Multi-cultural ethnic influences, along with the driving rhythms that reflect the perseverance and hard work of those mission-minded pioneers, are both important components that make Frontier Vision an outstanding choice for your concert or contest. Frontier Vision was the test piece for the second division in the Dutch National Brass Band Championships 2017. Duration: 12.00

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    Pandemic 1342 (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    'Pandemic 1349' was written during September and October 2016 and received its premiere on Sunday 20 th November at the 40 th Brass in Concert Championships at the Sage, Gateshead where it received the best new composition/arrangement award.'Pandemic 1349' is a concert work that aims to capture the atmosphere of fear and terror as the plague spreads throughout the city. The cries and screams get louder and reach a chaotic climax, before a calmer and reflective passage takes over - although the chaos and fear never totally leaves as the melodic material is played against the backdrop of what has gone before.London lost almost half of its population during the Black Death, making this one of the single most devastating events in the city's dark history. The outbreak not only shaped the number of inhabitants in London but also changed their mind-sets with many turning to religion - even the English language was to be forever altered.

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    Lock Horns/Rage on (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Simon Dobsons dynamic and unusual concert march Lock Horns/Rage On was commissioned by the Leyland Band and their conductor Jason Katsikaris, and formed part of their programme for the Brass in Concert Championships, held at The Sage, Gateshead on 15th November 2009. Suitable for Premier Youth/2nd Section Bands and above. Duration: 4.00

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    Sweeney Todd (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Malcolm Arnolds ballet, Sweeney Todd, was first staged in 1959 by The Royal Ballet Company with choreography by John Cranko. The music was later adapted as a concert work and it is from this version that this brass band arrangement, by Phillip Littlemore, is made. The original concert suite lasts some 20 minutes, but this version has been shortened to a more manageable eight minutes. The first performance of this arrangement was given on the 22nd October 2006 at the Malcolm Arnold Festival, Derngate, Northampton by the Rushden Windmill Band conducted by Richard Graves. Suitable for Advanced Youth/3rd Section Bands and above. Duration 8:00

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    Fanfare Trionfale | Brass Band | Alwyn Green

    Fanfare Trionfale was originally commissioned by the International Convention Centre in Birmingham UK for the investiture of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.As its name suggests, it is a majestic, triumphal piece of music to herald a major event.It is a great concert opener which demands accurate and expansive playing. It was first performed in September 1993 by the Prince of Wales Brass, a renowned Brass ensemble made up of members of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.InstrumentationFull Brass BandPercussion parts (2): 1: Timpani 2: CymbalISMN: 979-0-708127-00-0

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    Fanfare of Commemoration (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Commissioned by The Illinois Brass Band for its 25th anniversary celebraitons in 2016, this spectacular fanfare will be the perfect opener to your band's concert.

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    23 - A Lament for the Victims of Enschede (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    23 was composed for Brass Band Schoonhoven, and used as part of their programme for Brass in Concert in November 2016.On the 13 th May 2000, the Netherlands was shocked by an explosion in Roombeek - a district of Enschede, near the German border - after a fire broke out at a local fireworks depot. 23 people lost their lives in the tragic events. This piece pays tribute to their memory.The numbers 2 and 3 form the basis of the piece. The use of 5/4 allows the music to flow, alternating between 2 + 3 and 3 + 2; there are frequent passages where triplet quavers clash with straight quavers; and the tuned percussion make use of a scale composed of alternating intervals of 2 and 3 semitones.

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    HMS Indefatigable (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    HMS Indefatigable is a contest march, composed for the Virtuosi GUS Band, under the direction of Adam Cooke, and used as part of their programme for Brass in Concert in November 2016.The march is named after the battlecruiser HMS Indefatigable; an ill-fated ship of the British fleet that fell victim to German Bombardment in the Battle of Jutland, in 1916. During the initial 30 minutes of the battle, the Indefatigable sustained heavy fire from the German battleship SMS Von der Tann, which struck Indefatigable's armoury and caused the ship to suffer a catastrophic explosion, resulting in the ship sinking, with all but two lives lost. 1,017 souls perished.This piece aims to capture the might and power of the great ship at sea, incorporating a touch of menace, hinting at the unfortunate end awaiting the HMS Indefatigable, whilst serving as a fitting tribute to the ship and her crew.

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    Londinium (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Londinium was commissioned by Paul Holland and the Flowers Band as the opening item of their 2016 Brass in Concert Programme. The music portrays the roman settlement of Londinium through a series of bold, off-stage, horn and baritone calls. The music then gradually transforms into the grand modern city of London that we know today.

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