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    Instrumental Album No.20 - Popular Duets

    Includes: Two duets (Eb Horns); The Golden Day (Bb Cornets); Happy People (Bb Cornets); Neath the shade of the cross (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); Shout and Sing (Bb Cornets); Four Duets (Cornet & Euphonium); Austria (Cornet & Euphonium); The dear homeland (Bb Cornet & Eb Horn); Scottish Melodies (Bb Cornets); Never run away (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); The heavenly pilot (Bb Cornets); Clearer Vision (Bb Cornets); Thou art enough for me (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); Two Irish melodies (Bb Cornet & Eb Horn)Instrumentation: Various Brass Instruments

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    Instrumental Album No.12 - Instrumental Duets

    Includes: Always cheerful; Friendship with Jesus; In shining armour; Glory to his name; Captain and Lieutenant; Two Friends; The Crimson Stream; Fellowship; Come, ever smiling liverty; The Londonderry Air; Sweet chimings bells; The gates of eternal day; He wipes the tear from every eyeInstrumentation: Bb & Eb Duets with Piano Accompaniment

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    Instrumental Album No.14 - Eb Solos and Duets

    Includes: Nearer my home; O lovely peace; Swiss melodies; Whosoever; Sing glory, Hallelujah!; Isle of Beauty; In the Army; Rocked in the cradle of the deep; Shepherd of Israel; Battling for the LordInstrumentation: Soprano, Eb Horn & Eb Bass

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    Instrumental Album No.15 - Solos & Duets Trombone

    Includes: The Pilgrim; Over Jordan; A never-failing friend; Wonderful Joy; The Conquest; Jesus now is passing by; If with all your hearts; The absent guest; Consolation; Glorious Fountain; We shall win; Cheerful Comrades; Two extracts from Mozart; Never quit the field; Great SalvationInstrumentation: Trombone with Piano Accompaniment

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    Instrumental Album No.23 - Popular Duets

    Includes: Hope's Fair Haven (Bb Cornets); Better World (Bb Cornets); Bound for Glory (Bb Cornets); We'll All Shout (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); In the Army (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); Joy in The Salvation Army (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); The Crowning Day (Bb Cornets); Climbing Up (Bb Cornets); That Means Me (Bb Cornets); I've Washed My Robes (Bb Cornet & Euphonium); The Great Review (Bb Trombone & Euphonium); On the Ocean (Bb Cornets); Melody (Bb Cornets)

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    Arioso - J.S Bach - Steven Hague

    A modern brass band arrangement of the "Arioso" from J.S. Bach's Cantata No. 156 arranged by Steven Hague, with a nice feature for the horn section, and tuneful duets from the two solo cornets.

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    Edward Gregson: The World Rejoicing

    Description**NOTE: PUBLICATION DATES – Band parts (and therefore also “full sets” for The World Rejoicing will now be published on 1 May 2021. The rights to the premiere performances in all five commissioning countries remain with the commissioning contests and bands are requested to respect these rights.Composer’s NoteIn searching for a common link between the brass band traditions of the various European countries that commissioned this work, I considered the fact that hymns have always played an important role in the relationship that brass bands have with their particular communities; and thus I turned to a well-known Lutheran chorale, Nun danket alle Gott (Now thank we all our God), written around 1636 by Martin Rinkart, with the melody attributed to Johann Cruger. A number of composers have incorporated this chorale into their music, most famously J.S.Bach in his Cantatas no. 79 and 192, and Mendelssohn in the Lobsegang movement of his 2nd Symphony (the harmonization of which is usually used when this hymn is sung).It seemed fitting therefore for me to return to a compositional form I have used many times before (Variations) and to write a work based on this hymn. I have used it in a similar way to that which I employed in my Variations on Laudate Dominum of 1976 - that is, rather than writing a set of variations using elaborations of the complete tune, I have taken various phrases from the chorale and used them within the context of other musical material, applying an overall symphonic process of continuous variation and development. The structure, or sub-divisions of the work, which is through composed and plays without a break, is as follows: Prelude, Capriccio, La Danza 1, Processional, La Danza 2, Arias and Duets, Fuga Burlesca, Chorale, and Postlude.The work is also partly autobiographical – in the manner say of Strauss's Ein Heldenleben – in that I have incorporated into the score brief quotations from many of my other major works for brass band. In that respect, The World Rejoicing sums up a particular facet of my life as a composer, and reflects the admiration I have always had for what is surely one of the great amateur music-making traditions in the world.The World Rejoicing is dedicated 'in loving memory of my brother', Bramwell Logan Gregson, who sadly passed away in the Autumn of 2018.Edward Gregson

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    Vilja-Lied - Franz Leh

    Franz Lehar was born in Komarom, Hungary on 30th April 1870. From the age of fifteen he received composition and violin lessons at the Prague conservatory from Anton n Dvorak. In 1905 he composed The Merry Widow which became an instant worldwide success. The libretto of this operetta provides a succession of intimate arias and duets with festive ensembles. The Vilja-Lied is one of these arias. In this edition for brass band all the poignant beauty of the original remains.

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    Christmas Brass - Richard Peaslee

    Christmas Brass is a fantasy on six carols, originally commissioned by Mark Freeh for the Manhattan Brass Choir. Duration: 16:30The well-known tune, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, a hymn originally based on a plainsong melody, is here set in 5/4 meter. Modal harmonies are combined with big band style as the piece gains momentum, greatly accentuating the mood of the words, "Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel." The opening 5/4 statement of the theme returns, and the piece ends quietly.In Beautiful Savior (also known by the title Fairest Lord Jesus), a hushed beginning featuring horns, euphoniums, and a muted trumpet, leads through a key change to a satisfying, chorale-likeclosing passage.In Away in a Manger, Peaslee sets two tunes, Cradle Song and Away in a Manger. Following a straightforward presentation of each melody, Peaslee plays them against one another. The music swells to a full climax followed by a hushed ending.Peaslee employs a gentle hand in It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, using flugelhorn solos and duets in a jazz-waltz style.In Silent Night, the traditional carol gets an untraditional harmonization, propelled forward by give-and-take between the two groups of brass instruments in the brass choir: trumpets and trombones versus horns, euphoniums, and tuba.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing begins with a humorous blast of discordant harmonies as multiple carols are sounded at the same time. An up-tempo 4/4 announcement of the melody in the trombone is followed by a metrical modulation in 6/8-3/4 time. An additional metrical modulation bring the music back into 4/4, but at a slower tempo and in a pronounced jazz style. Tempo I returns, and the set of six pieces closes with a big ending.Instrumentation: 4 Trumpets, 2 Horns in F, 4 Trombones, 2 Euphoniums, Tuba, Guitar, Bass, Percussion

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    ROCOCO VARIATIONS (Gregson) (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Gregson, Edward

    Rococo Variations was commissioned by the British Open Championships for their 2008 contest in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, and co-commissioned by the Norwegian Band Federation, for their National Championship in Bergen in 2009.The title of the work has been used before, of course, most notably by Tchaikovsky in his work for cello and orchestra. My set of variations follows the Tchaikovskian model in that it is based on a quasi-Baroque original theme, and has certain ‘dance-like’ characteristics in the variations, but beyond that all comparisons end.There are six variations: Toccata, Siciliana, Waltz, Moto Perpetuo, Lament, and Fugal Scherzo, followed by a triumphant re-statement of the theme. Throughout, there is considerable contrast in the music, with the fast variations being rather virtuoso in character, sometimes with constantly changing time patterns, whilst the two slow variations (Siciliana and Lament) are in turn lyrical and pensive in mood with prominent solos and duets for a number of instruments.Although the work overall is dedicated by my brother, each of the six variations pays tribute to a different composer whose contribution to the brass band repertoire during the second half of the twentieth century has been of great significance. To this end, all six composers have their own ‘musical signature’ embraced within the particular variation, a process which reaches its zenith, contrapuntally speaking, during the final variation and reprise of the theme.- Edward Gregson

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