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    Discoduction (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - De Haan, Jacob

    Jacob de Haan especially composed this piece for the by now well-known C.D. Soli Brass. Not just a C.D. opener, this piece is an excellent concert starter. The title is a combination of the words Introduction and Disco. The composition is made up of a majestic opening, following in a section in disco style based on the same themes.Duration: 1:30

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    Three Pieces from Czechoslovakia - Leos Janacek

    This is the music of Leos Janacek (1854-1928) – exciting, powerful, emotive, impassioned, unpredictable, and many other definitions all rolled into one! Janacek was little known in Britain until the 1960’s, when the conductor Charles Macherras introduced his unique music and opera to the western audience. His orchestral Sinfonietta was an instant hit. Janacek has since been one of the featured composers in the ‘Proms’.The three pieces which I have arranged for brass band are INTRODUCTION, ORGAN SOLO and INTRADA from Janacek’s Glagolitic Mass. They work equally well together or on their own, as they each have their own identity. They can be purchased together or separately.1. INTRODUCTIONA great ‘starter’ for the first or second half of a concert. 2. ORGAN SOLOThis is a ‘must’ if you want to impress your audience – every section of the band is incredibly busy, (although they can be assured that they do have time to breath)! 3. INTRADAThis piece, (and no.1 “Introduction”), both contain that ‘fanfare’ like quality which Janacek is famous for in his Sinfonietta.

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    Four Easy Dances - Peter Martin

    'Four Easy Dances' is a four-part suite from Gobelin's 'Flexy Band Collection'. This series is meant for starter ensembles, i.e. youth orchestras which may not have the full range of instruments available yet. Therefore, it is possible to combine various instruments. 'Four Easy Dances' comes from the 'Flexy 3 Series' and can in principle be played by only three instruments, completed with three percussion instruments. 'Four Easy Dances' consists of: 1. Hop, Skip and Jump, 2. Little Polka, 3. Spanish Dance (castanets are obligatory) and finally 4. Tango.

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