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    Braveheart - Horner, J - Barry, D

    Positively medieval! - Braveheart is historythe way it should be told, full of treachery,battle and passion and Mel Gibson in a kilt!Horner's score has a rare quality . . . it iscinematic and the themes have stayingpower and emotional substance (you canalmost feel the cool fog rolling in from thesea and across the Scottish fields).DarrolBarry's sensitive score of the theme is stunningand anyone who has listened to thisbeautiful music will appreciate the depth ofthis arrangement.4th section +

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    For the Love of a Princess (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Horner, James - Duncan, Andrew

    A spectacular Brass Band arrangement of James Horner's love theme from Braveheart in full score and parts. Ideal for school concert bands, arranged by Andrew Duncan.Suitable for Advanced Youth/3rd Section Bands and aboveRecorded on Polyphonic QPRL220D Master Brass (Volume 16)Duraton: 4.00

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    For the love of a princess - James Horner - Andrew Duncan

    From the sound track of the Mel Gibson movie - Braveheart.

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