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    DEVIL'S DREAM HOEDOWN (Brass Band) - Smith, Sandy

    Traditional. Recorded on CD948 Spectacular Classics Vol.8. Grade: Medium.

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  • £49.20

    Devil's Dream Hoedown - Traditional

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    Mischief! - Lucy Pankhurst

    This fun and frantic, hoe-down styled original work from Lucy Pankhurst works just as well as an attention-grabbing opener, as it would as a showcase finisher or encore!Lots of surprises and exciting details that show off all areas of the band. Mischief! was first featured by the Wingates Band in their 2009 performance at the Butlin’s Mineworker’s Brass Band Championships.

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    Cowboy Suite - Alan Laken

    In the tripartite 'Cowboy Suite' Alan Laken takes us to the Wild West, the domain of cowboys, indians, trappers and other fortune hunters. Around 1890 the west coast of America was reached, which in effect meant the end of the Wild West. Its stories, however, survived and have been a source of inspiration for many books, films, and, of course, music. Some characters, such as Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Buffalo Bill are forever linked to these tales. In the 'Cowboy Suite' we first hear the 'Hoedown'. At the end of an exhausting workday the labourers used to lay down their tools, among others the 'hoes' and spontaneously began to play music on the instruments which they then possessed (guitars, fiddles, and banjos) and to dance. After being jolted on the 'Wagon Trail' we reach the third part, the 'Cowboy Roundup'. In this last part it becomes clear that as a cattle driver it is imperative to stay firmly seated in the saddle. As the cattle are rounded up, i.e. driven together, spectacular things happen.

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