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    Can - Can - Jacques Offenbach - Gavin Somerset

    The gallop from Offenbach's overture to "Orpheus In The Underworld" is one of the most famous finales to any classical piece of music. Used countless times from pop music to Moulin Rouge dancers, the piece has become a favourite encore/finale item. Now arranged by Gavin Somerset to be playable by lower section bands, and with some extra parts to really liven the item up, this piece is sure to leave your audience wanting more. A perfect finisher for any concert.

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    Four pop styles

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    Crazy Music in the Air - Jacob de Haan

    This composition in two parts is one of the first successful works Jacob de Haan published for brass band. Somewhat under the influence of Ted Huggen's Choral and Rock Out which was an overwhelming success at the time, the still very young Jacob de Haan wrote this composition. The first part (Air) exists of a choral melody with baroque grace notes, supported by a pop rhythm in the drums. The second part (Crazy Music) is a swinging bossa nova, in which various instrument groups present themselves in the continuously varying themes. The famous Black Dycke Mills Band contributed to the success of Crazy Music in the Air by regularly putting the piece on its tour programmes.

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    A Whiter Shade of Pale - Brooker - Rob Ares

    The large collection of pop music from earlier years gives us a fantastic repertoire. The Scherzando series Pop Classics makes use of these great tunes to allow bands the opportunity to play big hits of yesteryear. A Whiter Shade of Pale, with which the British band Procal Harem had a big success in the 1960s, is a good example of this type of material. This classic song is arranged by Rob Ares.

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    Fusion Factory - James L. Hosay

    At the end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies, slowly but surely, a new exciting music style arose in pop music. Pop groups enlarged the musical spectrum by combining jazz harmonies with rock 'n' roll rhythms. These experiments are now known as 'fusion'. Fusion Factory combines elements of early fusion with modern fusion sounds. Listen to the excellent result!

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    Nocturne - Ron Sebregts

    Rolf Lovland, the leader of the pop group Secret Garden, is a successful songwriter in the world of pop music. With the romantic melody Nocturne his group convinced not only millions of fans but also the 1995 jury of the Eurovision song Contest, that this song was a winner.

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