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    CANTIQUE DE JEAN RACINE (Brass Band Set) - Gabriel Faure - Norman Bearcroft

    This work, originally for mixed chorus, was completed in 1865 when Faure was just nineteen years old and gained him first prize when graduating from Ecole Niedermeyer de Paris. A further version for orchestra (possibly by the composer) appeared in 1906.

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    Tango de Buenos Aires

    Tango de Buenos Aires was written to celebrate the harmonic and rhythmic idioms used by the great Astor Piazzola, composer of dramatic Argentinian Tango music. This work attempts to capture the atmosphere with a modern adaptation of the dynamic rhythms and descending chromatic harmonies. It is a colourful addition to any programme and good for a quite serious or light concert.Duration: 3:00 minutesPercussion: 3 Players playing drum kit, xylophone and vibraphoneGrade 3: Medium 1st and 2nd Section Bands

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    Dance On (Je me sens bien aupres de toi) - Adams, Murtagh, Murtagh & Stellman - Len Jenkins

    "Dance On" is probably best remembered in the UK by two versions. One by the Shadows which went to Number 1 in the UK Singles chart and the other by Kathy Kirby which made number 11 in the 1963 UK charts. The other side of the Channel, in France, Petula Clark recorded the song in French ("Je me sens bien aupres de toi") and Italian ("Sto volentieri con te") which made the Top 5 of the French and Italian charts. She also recorded an English version for album release on the Canadian market. The infectious rhythm will get you tapping your feet or even getting up to dance. It's a real bopping number from the 60's, and well within the capabilities of most bands. Enjoy.

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    Le Gendarme De Saint-Tropez - Raymond Lefevre - Frank Bernaerts

    Main theme from the motion picture "Le Gendarme De Saint-Tropez"

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    Crazy Music in the Air - Jacob de Haan

    This composition in two parts is one of the first successful works Jacob de Haan published for brass band. Somewhat under the influence of Ted Huggen's Choral and Rock Out which was an overwhelming success at the time, the still very young Jacob de Haan wrote this composition. The first part (Air) exists of a choral melody with baroque grace notes, supported by a pop rhythm in the drums. The second part (Crazy Music) is a swinging bossa nova, in which various instrument groups present themselves in the continuously varying themes. The famous Black Dycke Mills Band contributed to the success of Crazy Music in the Air by regularly putting the piece on its tour programmes.

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    Yellow Mountains - Jacob de Haan

    In October 1997, Jacob de Haan visited the Swiss village of St. Moritz, where he worked as a conductor. The Mountains around St. Moritz were covered in marvelous autumn colors. The Colors, the quietness and nature itself inspired Jacob de Haan to compose this lyrical composition.

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    Cornfield Rock - Jacob de Haan

    Originally Cornfield Rock was written by Jacob de Haan as a version for male choir. It was based on a text by William Shakespeare on a melody of Thomas Morley (It was a lover and his lass). The original melody however was abandoned completely and in its place Jacob de Haan created a new one in rock style. The title refers to the text: That o're the green corne fields did passe.

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    La Storia - Jacob de Haan

    Film music is usually written to match the action of each scene. In Jacob de Haan's piece La Storia however there are no scenes and no plot, yet the composer supplies us with music full of action and suspense. The performers and audience are left to create their own storyline to fit the music. Jacob de Haan has dedicated La Storia to one of the most famous composers of film music - the Italian, Ennio Morricone.

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    Emerald Jubilee - Jan de Haan

    An Emerald Jubilee celebrates a 40th anniversary. Jan de Haan composed this colourfully orchestrated concert march to celebrate Will van der Beek's 40th anniversary as conductor of the Deutsche Musikverein Haaren. As publisher of van der Beek's transcriptions of classical works Jan de Haan can look back on many years of successful collaboration with the knowledge that there will be many more to come. Unusually cast in a minor key, the main theme provides an interesting contrast to the more melodic major key of the second movement. The relatively slow theme gives this march a dignified stately and subdued quality.

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    Martini - Jacob de Haan

    This swinging march by Jacob de Haan was commissioned by the foundation "Vrienden van de Groningse Politie-muziek" (Friends of the Police Music of Groningen), on occasion of the 950 year anniversary of the "Martini-city" Groningen. The trio in this piece features the anthem of the province of Groningen.

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