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    German Love Song - Jacob de Haan

    Dreaming of love. This is the theme of the folksong on which the composition was based. Its characteristic melody inspired Jacob de Haan to this instrumental romance with a transparent structure consisting of an introduction, the folk-melody, a development of the theme, the folk-melody accompanied by ornamental triplets followed by the final bars.

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    Adagietto - Jacob de Haan

    With Adagietto Jacob de Haan demonstrates his ability to write in all kinds of styles. A sense of pure calm emanates from the flowing main melody. The tasteful orchestration fully supports the harmonic suspense as the piece progresses towards a fantastic climax at the end.

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    Triumphal Brass - Jan de Haan

    This exciting and energetic composition calls on all members of the band to try their best to make the audience jump out of their seats when they hear the fi rst notes. Jan de Haan's elaboration of two main themes lets the musicians present themselves as truly Triumphal Brass! The work was written as a test piece for the concert program in the Flemish Open Brass Band Championships 2010.

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    Variations on a Chord - Jan de Haan

    Variations on a Chord was composed on the occasion of the second lustrum of the Dutch Brass Band Championships celebrated in 1990. The piece is the immediate sequel to Contrasten a piece which was composed in 1986, and which is performed all over the world. Not only was the final chord of this previous work used as a starting point for the new composition, but Variations on a Chord is also the first concert piece for brass band composed by Jan de Haan since then. The several variations are based on a solemn theme. The so-called minor-major seventh chord is easily detectable. The structure of the piece is such that the lyrical theme is preceded by a majestic introduction, and is followed by eight variations each strongly contrasting in character. The piece finishes in a short but extremely spectacular coda.

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    Westfort Overture - Jacob de Haan

    Westfort Ouverture was called after the Dutch village Westervoort that is situated near Arnhem. It is an opening work of many contrasts and completely built on one main motive: G-C-D-E-F#-D-E.

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    Fox from the North - Jacob de Haan

    As with his march Fresena, Jacob de Haan assimilated a well-known folksong from his province of birth (Friesland) into this swinging composition. Both works originate from a festival suite that he once wrote by order of this province.

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    Huron Carol - Brass Band - Jean de Brebeuf

    This third movement of the Nativity Suite (III Nativity) uses the Huron Carol, written in 1642 by Jean de BrA(c)beuf

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    PoupA(c)e De Cire, PoupA(c)e De Son - Serge Gainsbourg - Jan van Kraeydonck

    Eurovision Song Contest Winner 1965

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