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    All About That Bass (Tuba!) - Kevin Kadish & Megan Trainor - Gavin Somerset

    If you're looking to spice up your concert programme with something a little different, then look no further! It isn't too often that the lower brass get to take the limelight, however, this toe-tapping arrangement of the Meghan Trainor hit does just that! The work has become a huge hit and with a 50's & 60's 'Doo-Wap' feel, it works incredibly well for brass band. With the lower brass being kept busy, the big-band feel to the chorus and plenty of areas in which choreography would work well, this piece can't help but bring a smile to your face. The ultimate entertainment item and one that is enjoyed by all ages! A must have piece for your concerts this year. To download the Solo Cornet part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Horn part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Euphonium part, please CLICK HERE . To download the playback audio to play along to, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As .

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    All About That Bass (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Kadish & Trainor - Bernaerts, Frank

    This mega hit from recording artist Meghan Trainor features a catchy upbeat melody.Duration: 03:15

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    All About That Bass (Tuba!)

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    All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

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    Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence - Full Band Set

    ABOUT THIS PIECE: Composed by Edward Cuthbert Bairstow for the choir at York Minster, this atmospheric and haunting piece is a staple of the Anglican choral tradition. As with a lot of choral music, this piece lends itself very well to brass. With rich harmonies, this piece was written with the acoustic of York Minster in mind and would especially suit a more reverberant space if you get the opportunity! WHEN YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT, YOU GET: Printed full score and parts for full brass bandLEVEL:This piece is simple in notation but will provide healthy musical challenges - especially in unison playing. Third section (UK) upwards. Listen here:

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    Neverland - Christopher Bond

    "All children, except one, grow up" wrote J.M. Barrie about Peter Pan in 1911; the first line and an expression of beautiful melancholy and fantasy, coming to represent one of the best-loved children's stories of the twentieth century. 'Peter & Wendy', as the book was first released, has subsequently been transformed into adaptations for film and stage, with subsequent books based on this iconic tale. In writing this new work for brass band, the composer has taken three of the main themes from J. M. Barrie's book, and used these themes to create new musical material, forming a work in three contrasting sections. I. Journey to Neverland The opening of the work, mysterious in its style, reflects the opening chapters of the story - a leafy London street, still in the dead of night - with the music transforming quickly as it builds in texture and momentum - a Journey to Neverland through the night sky; Second Star to the Right and straight on 'til morning. "Then Peter knew that there was not a moment to lose. 'Come,' he cried imperiously, and soared out at once into the night, followed by John and Michael and Wendy. Mr & Mrs Darling and Nana rushed into the nursery too late. The birds were flown." II. The Windows that Closed The central section of the work takes its inspiration from the sense of longing throughout the book, mainly by Peter Pan, the Darling Children & The Lost Boys. Distant memories of life before Neverland, memories of the Lost Boys' mothers, and regret at what the children have missed. Peter says "Long ago, I thought like you that my mother would always keep the window open for me; so I stayed away for moons and moons and moons, and then flew back; but the window was barred, for mother had forgotten all about me, and there was another little boy sleeping in my bed." III. Aboard the Pirate Ship The final section of the work takes its inspiration from the Pirate Ship, and Peter Pan's ultimate battle with its infamous Captain Hook. "In person, he was cadaverous and blackavized, and his hair was dressed in long curls, which at a distance looked like black candles, and gave a singularly threatening expression to his handsome countenance. His eyes were the blue of the forget-me-not, and of a profound melancholy, save when he was plunging his hook into you, at which time two red spots appeared in them and lit them up horribly."

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    The Witches' Sabbath - Berlioz

    An effective arrangement of the exciting finale from Berlioz's greatest masterpiece 'Symphonie Fantastique'.This new 'finisher' is all about an opium induced fantasy Berlioz had about rescuing a woman he was madly in love with from a group of evil witches and other assorted ghouls.After many brilliant musical descriptions of the eerie scenes, Berlioz triumphantly rescues his beloved narrowly saving her from being sacrificed by the witches!First performed by Whitburn Band at Spennymoor 24 and recorded by them on the 'Live from Spennymoor 24' CD.

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    Love Divine (Blaenwern) (Brass Band) William Rowlands arr. Kenneth Downie

    This delightful setting for brass band by Kenneth Downie is based on the much loved hymn Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, alternatively known as Blaenwern. An optional organ part which will enhance the last verse is included. Kenneth Downie writes: 'It has been a delight to work on this wonderful Welsh hymn tune called Blaenwern, a tune which perfectly suits the majestic words by Charles Wesley, 'Love divine, all loves excelling'. This hymn is all about a big, expansive, all-embracing God, and I have tried to capture this aspect of the words. The rising interval in the introduction is an important feature in developing the notion of a 'big God', and its reappearance near the end is intended to be very significant. The hymn is full of memorable phrases which will hopefully inspire players, singers and conductors as they contemplate the text in preparation for any performance. 'Joy of Heaven, to earth come down', 'Enter every longing heart', 'Finish then thy new creation', and then the last amazing four lines: 'Changed from glory into glory, Till in Heaven we take our place, Till we cast our crowns before thee, Lost in wonder, love and praise'. The addition of the organ in the last verse, by special request of Peggy and Scott Thomas who commissioned the arrangement, should add to the majesty of the music, but of course, it is not fundamental to any performance. May this music bring honour to our amazing God!' To view a video of the Melbourne Staff Band playing the piece please visit A rolling score video can be viewed here: Sheet music available from Difficulty Level: 4th Section + Length: 4.00 minutes Instrumentation: Soprano Cornet Eb Solo Cornet Bb Repiano Cornet Bb 2nd Cornet Bb 3rd Cornet Bb Flugel Horn Bb Solo Horn Eb 1st Horn Eb 2nd Horn Eb 1st Baritone Bb 2nd Baritone Bb 1st Trombone Bb 2nd Trombone Bb Bass Trombone Euphonium Bb Bass Eb Bass Bb Timpani Percussion 1-2 Organ (optional)

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    Spirit of Time (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Schwarz, Otto M.

    Zeitgeist; transformations; a departure for new shores... these are buzzwords we often encounter nowadays. Above all in this digital age, it is essential that we face changes positively and that we make the very best of them. Music is emotion! Otto M. Schwarz begins many of his lectures with this phrase, and this is exactly what we feel in this new concert work. Rapid, and full of energy, is the leap into a new chapter, wonderful opportunities are waiting to be discovered in uncharted lands. But change is not only loud and momentous. The creative power of the future lies dormant in the inventive spirit of the individual, quietly, thoughtfully, silently and alone! The final sequence of this work is all about good vibes: it lights the way to a positive future and stands for the dawn of a new era!Duration: 10.00

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