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    The Three Towers - Marc Jeanbourquin

    The Three Towers is an attractive suite about three historical monuments that still adorn the old ramparts of the Suisse town of Fribourg. The three towers are depicted in as many contrasting movements, with solo passages featuring in the second movement. Together they form a concert piece, accessible for the lower divisions, which is interesting for the audience as well as the musicians.

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    The Three Kings - Peter Cornelius/Ivor Atkins

    Arrangement of the tenor solo by Peter Cornelius.

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    THREE JAZZ PIECES - Harper arr. Peter Graham

    Three Jazz Pieces is scored for brass band** but can be performed by as few as five players plus percussion. Ideal for intermediate and school groups but an equally effective concert item when played by more advanced groups. The three pieces are: (I) Tuned In (II) Midnight Blues and (III) Ready to Rumba?**See Score Image for instrumentation.Available MultiMedia Files

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    ELLACOMBE CHRONICLES, The (Brass Band Set) - James Curnow

    This piece was commissioned by Brass Band of Columbus for the occasion of the band's 25th anniversary in 2009. It is dedicated to current and former members of the band and its founding Director, Dr Paul Droste. The hymns of Isaac Watts (1674 - 1748) have been a source of inspiration for musical thought and development by composers for over 200 years. His glorious hymn 'I sing the mighty power of God' has been coupled with the hymn tune 'Ellacombe' in many hymnals over these two centuries. This work was created and inspired by Isaac Watts's text and chronicles the three verses of the hymn through a set of diverse variations on the hymn tune 'Ellacombe'. The opening fanfare is intended to capture the joy and exuberance of the first phrase of the first verse, 'I sing the mighty power of God that made the mountains rise'. The developmental material following the fanfare gives a hint of the three large variations that are extracted from the tune.

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    Three Miniatures - Philip Sparke

    The three movements of this work are Prelude, Hill Song and Scherzo

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    LORD IS KING, The (Brass Band Set) - Ray Steadman-Allen

    Ray Steadman-Allen was for many years the driving force in Salvation Army music. His publication list of both brass and vocal works can be measured literally by the hundred. 'The Lord is King' is arguably his crowning achievement of over twenty major works for brass band. Although described as a suite, the work is more symphonic in conception and scale as well as being formidable to perform. The work is based on the Welsh hymn tune 'Llangollen' to which the hymn 'The Lord is King, I own His power' are associated. The three movements derive inspiration from the lines 'My joy, my toil, my craftman's skill, all have their place, and serve His will' found in verse five of the hymn.

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    The Sword, Jewel and Mirror - Philip Harper

    The sword, jewel and mirror of the title refer to the three sacred treasures of Japan, which collectively make up the Imperial Regalia (san-shu no jingi). The san-shu no jingi are handed down from father to son in the Imperial Family, and are kept at s

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    All Around the World

    Dances from four countries. The three titles originally part of the junior band book

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