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    The Return of the Cat - Derek Broadbent

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    Frida's Whiskers - David Well

    David Well composed 'Frida's Whiskers' in commemoration of his own cat, who met an untimely end. Frida (whose real name was 'Godefrida van Coopersburg thoe Nieuwenhuys') was a lively creature, who led a playful and uncomplicated life. She used to sleep in her basket for hours, but when she woke up she upset the entire house and its furnishing. Curtains were inspected from top to bottom and flower pots fell from window-sills just like that! Outside, in the open air she was in her element. She used to frolic, bouncing into the air. After such playful moods she would return to her basket tired but satisfied where, being the cleanly cat that she was, she subjected her entire body, whiskers included, to a thorough wash.

    Estimated delivery 10-14 days

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