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    Prelude and Scherzo

    Prelude and Scherzo was composed for Jackie Greenstead, Solo Horn of the Thoresby Colliery Band. As the title suggests the piece is in two movements: the first is a lyrical melody, sparse at first that culminates in a radiant full band reprise. The second movement is a jaunty, light-hearted scherzo...

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    Scherzo No. 1 - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 2'30". DIFFICULTY: 1st+. 'Scherzo No.1 (Sanguine)' was composed for the Reg Vardy Band's 2019 Brass in Concert Championships programme, which revolved around the 4 temperaments of Human Nature - a theory by the Greek philsopher Galen from 450 BC. Sanguine individuals are defined as being optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. An extrovert, and someone that looks for the good in situations. They bring energy into a room and brighten people's life with their humour and cheerful nature. It is upon this definition which Scherzo No.1 is composed, with an optimistic and cheery feel to the music, with small interjections of anger and sadness soon giving way to the more upbeat music surrounding it. .

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    Scherzo - Tarantelle (euphonium solo) - Henryk Wieniawski - Stan Nieuwenhuis

    This great Scherzo for violin by Henryk Wieniawski becomes a dazzling virtuoso showpiece for euphonium in the arrangement by Stan Nieuwenhuis.

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    SCHERZO from 2nd Symphony (score) - Kalinkov, Vasily (1866-1901)

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    SCHERZO from 2nd Symphony (score & parts) - Kalinkov, Vasily (1866-1901)

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    Scherzo alla Marcia - Ralph Vaughan Williams

    In partnership with Oxford University Press and authorized by the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust, this major new initiative brings the incredible catalog of Ralph Vaughan Williams to the wind band community, with scholarly transcriptions by leaders in wind band composition. As the name suggests, all titles in the Brass Band Series are scored for brass ensemble and may also include perucssion parts. This work is Grade 5.To view other titles in the series, visit

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    Scherzo for X-Wings - John Williams

    From the blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens this exciting music is featured in the climactic battle scene with our heroes and their X-Wing fighters. A dynamic tour de force for mature bands.

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    Scherzo for Xylophone - James Curnow

    Let your percussionist shine with this exciting lively work for xylophone and brass band. Makes an ideal encore piece or lighter item in any concert programme.

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    Andante and Scherzo - Percy E Fletcher - Robert Childs

    Percy Eastman Fletcher (12 December 1879 - 10 December 1932) was a British composer, known primarily in the brass fraternity for his tone poem, Labour and Love - the first original composition for brass band to be used at the...

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