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    Land of the Mountain and the Flood - Score and Parts - Hamish MacCunn

    Scottish Overture that depicts, with superb musical imagery, the rugged beauty of this often "wet" land.

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    Land of the Mountain and the Flood - Score Only - Hamish MacCunn

    Scottish Overture that depicts, with superb musical imagery, the rugged beauty of this often "wet" land.

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    Popular Classics Series ??" Complete Album - Andrew Duncan

    The Flexi-Collection Popular Classics Series Complete Album provides a money-saving alternative to purchasing the individual titles from the series. The Album combines all 8 titles and offers a 25% discount against the equivalent total price of the separate pieces.Album includes a combined score and individual parts for the following titles:In The Hall of the Mountain KingJupiter (from ‘The Planet Suite’)JerusalemPomp and Circumstance No. 1 (Land of Hope and Glory)Capriccio ItalianeAnvil Chorus (from ‘Il Travatore’)See, The Conquering Hero ComesToreador’s March (from ‘Carmen’)The Flexi-Collection Series offers flexible scoring tailored to your needs – A perfect solution for expanding the repertoire of Junior/Youth brass bands and ensembles.Based on four-part harmony, these collections provide brass groups with the advantage of complete flexibility even when instruments may not be balanced.If players or instruments are missing, the show can still go on! The thoughtful scoring and arranging by Andrew Duncan now means that groups of all abilities have access to a truly flexible set of music for their needs.Available for Brass Band (with Easy Bb, Easy Eb and world parts included), The Popular Classics Series offers flexibility in every sense of the word.The Flexi-Collection currently offers two series – Popular Classics Series and The World Tour Series.

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    Sunrise Over Blue Ridge - Dan Price

    Blue Ridge (or The Blue Ridge Mountains) is a mountain range within the larger Appalachian Mountains. The trees growing on the mountainside in this area release hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. The natural haze produced in this process, when the range is viewed from a distance, gives the mountain a distinctive blue-ish colour. Various Indian tribes including Siouan, Manahoacs, Shawnee and Cherokee farmed the mountain-side and fished the Blue Ridge Lake for food, making Blue Ridge their natural homeland.In the early 1600s, western settlers moved into Virginia and Georgia. As their trade and industry increased in size, so did the land they required. This expansion included encroachment into Native American's land which caused frequent hostility between settlers and tribes. Eventually the native inhabitants were pushed further and further into the west and eventually out of the Blue Ridge mountain range. Blue Ridge is now predominantly a tourist area stretching across two national parks, Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains. Sunrise Over Blue Ridge takes its inspiration from the wonderful landscapes which can be seen in this part of the world. Sunrise Over Blue Ridge is dedicated to Cory Band and received its premi?re in November 2008 at The Sage, Gateshead, as part of the band's winning programme at the Brass in Concert Championships.

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