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    Simplicity - Fleury

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    A New Dimension - Joy Webb - Steven Hague

    A New Dimension Arranged especially for Kirsty Abbotts' solo CD by Stephen Hague, this gem of a piece comes from the salvation army composer Joy Webb (composer of the well known cornet solo "Share My Yoke"). A New Dimension incorporates the same simplicity, lush harmonies and a gorgeous tune as was done in "Share My Yoke". A perfect addition to any bands library and soloists repertoire.

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    Pie Jesu (From Requiem) - John Rutter - Adam Rutter

    John Rutter's music is known across the world for its simplicity and memorable melodies. The 'Pie Jesu' from his requiem is certainly no exception. First performed in Dallas, Texas in 1985, the 6 movements completed Rutter's setting of the Roman Catholic Mass. The third movement (the 'Pie Jesu') is typical of the composer, featuring a strong melody line with subtle accompaniments. Now arranged for Solo Cornet by Adam Rutter, this slow melody allows the soloist to shine in one of the finest and most famous settings of the work to date. A great addition to any concert & soloists repertoire.

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    Prayer of Childhood (Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Leslie Condon made a huge impact on the lives of many he encountered. His compositions ranged from extended brass works to simple choral songs. Prayer of Childhood, originally composed for children to sing, is based on the verses which commence 'Gentle Jesus, meek and mild'. The simplicity of the melodic line is its strength and compliments the text so beautifully.Duration: 2.30

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    Jesus, Good Above All Other (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    This well-loved tune comes to us from 14th century Germany. Its charm and simplicity are beautifully captured in this arrangement with its delicate orchestration and sensitive solo passages. This piece is well within the ability range of most bands.

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    Sanctus (From German Mass D.872) (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Franz Schubert's so-called German Mass, D. 872 is one of his last works of sacred music and was written in 1827. The work was commissioned by Professor J P Neumann of the Polytechnic School of Vienna who provided the texts for the nine short sections. It was Neumann's idea that the work be as musically simple as possible and able to be performed by amateurs. This arrangement of the Sanctus seeks to preserve the simplicity of the original, allowing the sheer beauty of the melodic lines to have prominence.

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    Sleepers, Wake (Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme) (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    This enchanting melody is from the fourth movement of Bach's Cantata 140 which was composed in 1731 using the parable of the wise and foolish virgins as the text. The work is beautiful in its simplicity with only three melodic lines, demonstrating Bach's counterpoint at its best. For greatest effect it is suggested that the cornets and trombones play behind the band or to the right and left of the stage.Duration: 4:30

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    DescriptionCanzonetta is a tenor horn solo with optional brass band or piano accompaniment.Canzonetta was one of my earliest compositions, written in my early days as an undergraduate. Along with a companion piece called Caprice it was written for an old friend, Louise Hunt (now Louise Skillander), to whom it is dedicated. We had both been in the Northop Youth Band together, and both pieces were the result of a conversation about the lack of 'good tenor horn solos' for lower section and youth players at the time.With more mature consideration the Caprice has been consigned to the dustbin of history, but the simplicity of Canzonetta has allowed it to stand the test of time with a few minor scoring revisions.Performance Notes:Percussion instruments required are 2 x timpani, glockenspiel, suspended cymbal, concert bass drum (NOT a kit/pedal bass drum) and tam-tam. All cornets will require cup mutes.Duration approximately 3'40"You can follow the score while listening to an audio preview below:

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    When the lights go down - Kevin Houben

    Kevin Houben created with When the Lights Go Down, a wonderful chorale that can be a moment of reflection in any concert program.The resigned, magnificent melodies at the beginning of this composition slowly build up to a highlight with an increasing orchestration. The piece starts with a suggestive Adagio Meditativo, after which the main theme is immediately announced. A central bridge section takes the listener along through the different spheres at which the melodic and rhythmic drums embellish the chorale melodies. Thematic elements from the introduction brings the piece to a quiet and peaceful end.The sheer simplicity with which this work is written, makes it a resplendent, magnificent concert piece. 'When the Lights Go Down', refers to a moment when time stand still for a while, stillness within and around yourself.

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    Vinterhamn - Benny Andersson

    This song is written by the incredibly successful duo Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. It became a huge hit in Sweden when recorded by Benny Anderssons Orkester and vocalist Helen Sjoholm in 2012. The melody and lyrics bear their stamp of top quality, and the beautiful simplicity of the tune should make the arrangement popular with most audiences.

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