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    Zero to Five - A Complete Brass Players Guide

    A brand new guide to take the complete novice from a zero starting point all the way up to Grade five. This brilliant brass players guide by James Hatton sets the best practise foundations in place ensuring that everyone beginning to play a brass instrument gets the very best possible start. 117 pages of quality advise from a professional educator to enhance any students lessons.

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    Taps in Tempo - Jan Nerneska - Rodney Newton

    Despite his European name, Jan Berenska was a Midlander and something of a youthful prodigy, playing piano, violin and cello and giving his first broadcast at the age of 15 from Station 5IT (based in Witton, near Birmingham) in the days of crystal sets. He made his professional debut as a multi-instrumentalist in 1919, playing in the pit at London's Drury Lane Theatre for a pantomime. In the 1920s, he became sub-leader of the fledgling City of Birmingham Orchestra (CBO) before forming his own Berenska Pianoforte Quintette in 1930, which broadcast regularly from the BBC'S Birmingham studios. In 1935, he formed a dance band which toured all over the country.His xylophone solo, Taps in Tempo, is dedicated to Leslie Lewis, principal percussionist of the CBO. Born in South Wales, Lewis was a prot?g? of the orchestra's legendary timpanist, Ernest Parsons, and was subsequently engaged by the BBC as percussionist with its Theatre Orchestra in London, only to die tragically of a heart attack at Euston Station on the day he was to take up his new appointment.Taps in Tempo is very typical of the type of xylophone solo heard on innumerable bandstands and in caf?s and variety theatres throughout the 1930s and 1940s. It features a bright, catchy melody, dazzling arpeggios and scales and four-mallet chords to show off the xylophonist's technique. This arrangement was specially created for the virtuoso percussionist, Simone Rebello.

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    Hungarian March (from The Damnation of Faust) - Berlioz, H.

    Included at the last minute in a performance of Faust conducted by the composer in Budapest, The Hungarian March caused a sensation in the politically charged atmosphere of the Hungary of the time. It was encored time and time again. The clever build-up to a stunning climax shows the professional composer scoring a bull's-eye. In fact the opera has nothing whatsoever to do with Hungary : Berlioz' placing the scene 'on a plain in Hungary' was the merest cover up for trying to be sure of a triumph in his concert-tour in that country. Success on the cheap ! In the right circumstances artistic integrity is (a little) negotiable.

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    Mitt hjerte alltid vanker - Fantasi - Hans Adolph Brorson

    This arrangement was commissioned by B3 (The Bergen Woodwind Ensemble). B3 is a large woodwind ensemble located in Bergen with a mix of professional and amateur players. My Heart Remains in Wonder is a well-known Christmas hymn in Scandinavia. I wanted my version to be different to the traditional hymn tune style in which it is normally performed. One day I was outside walking and this idea came to me: an ostinato-like, mechanical skeleton of arpeggio semiquavers on which I could 'hang' the melody. However, I also wanted to do the melody line a bit different. The inspiration for this comes from folk music and the way fiddlers hardly ever lift their bow off the strings when they play. Because of this, it is important that the melody is played in a very sostenuto style in this arrangement. The harmonies lie somewhere between jazz and folk music with a little nod towards Grieg (himself heavily influenced by folk music) in the slow middle section.

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    Trumpets Parade - Dagmar Kildevann

    All cornets are in the spotlight in this musical parade. The melodic part in the middle provides the soloists with the necessary air. Success is assured because every beginning, advanced, professional, or senior cornet-player can participate.

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    Vivid Brass - Philip Sparke

    Vivid Brass was commissioned by Vivid Brass Tokyo, a brass band that is made up of professional players who meet up for concerts and recording projects. Philip Sparke has been a frequent guest conductor with the band. The result is Vivid Brass, a work in which all sections come to the fore as the energy of the band shines through!

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    The Seal Lullaby - Whitacre, EricArranger:

    Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is one of the most popular musicians of his generation. His concert music has been performed throughout the world by millions of amateur and professional musicians alike, while his groundbreaking Virtual Choirs have united singers from over 110 different countries. The Seal Lullaby uses text by Rudyard Kipling and was originally written for an animated film that ultimately didn't happen. Whitacre then didn't do anything with it other than sing it to his baby son every night to get him to sleep ? claiming a success rate of less than 50%!

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