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    Reflections of Tyne - Matthew Hall

    Reflections of Tyne was commissioned by the NASUWT Riverside Band for their 2019 performance at Brass in Concert at The Sage in Gateshead. Reflections of Tyne combines two traditional songs from the North East of England into a rumbustious concert or contest finisher full of flair and excitement.The Waters of Tyne and The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth blend in the opening reflection of the stillness of the River Tyne before the industrial heritage of North East England is forces its way on to the landscape as the pace and intensity doubles almost instantaneously. A calmer, contemplative, solo passage precedes the final energetic climax in a vibrant musical rendition of the North East as we know it today, with the Tyne as important now as it ever has been.

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    The Water of Tyne - Traditional

    A delightful setting of a traditional North East melody, arranged in a hauntingly pastorale style with all the skill we have come to expect from Philip Harper. Featuring the euphonium and principal cornet with the melody at first, the piece then builds to a passionate full band rendition which eases back to a tranquil, effective close.A great piece to offer every level of band the opportunity to add some stylish peace to their programme.Also available for Concert Band.

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    Essence of Tyne - Traditional

    A collection of folk tunes all originating from Tyneside

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    Poppy Fields - David Crowe

    It was while looking out upon the twelve-thousand graves at the Tyne Cot memorial, of which over eight-thousand commemorate the lives of unknown soldiers, that the composer felt compelled to compose a piece which encapsulated the feeling of bothpeaceful serenity and great loss that one has when visiting such a place. Throughout the work, images of the 'Last Post' are heard in the distance, as the music reflects upon the catastrophic events which took place in Europe and around the world during the first part of the twentieth-century. Under this hauntingly familiar melody, a simple hymn-like chorale plays and is soon heard overlapped with the opening material in an attempt to unite the feeling of calm and of pain that a place of great remembrance such as Tyne Cot invokes within us all. *note ? the opening Marimba part can be substituted for Xylophone/Vibraphone to create a sustained sound

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