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    5th Ave - Andrew Stevenson

    5th Ave. is a light concert item that fuses together elements of jazz, rock, pop and funk. The basis of the piece is a simple strophic structure of verses, choruses and a middle 8; which is typical of most rock and pop songs. The heavy use of stab chords and syncopation in the piece are a common feature of funk and big band music. There are lots of opportunities in 5th Ave. for the principal players to shine with the many solo's and with the option for them to stand at the front it can make it a very entertaining piece to watch as well as listen to.

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    Diversity - Yves Wuyts

    Diversity - Yves Wuyts - 10'00'' - BVT157 Diversity is written for the royal fanfare band 'De Werkmanszonen' from Zichen-Bolder (Riemst) where Yves has been a conductor since 2005 and is dedicated to their chairman Sylvain Tans. The title 'Diversity' refers to the diversity of styles in the work but also to the diversity of a chairman. The work consists of three continuous movements. Part one starts with a fanfare motif that is later developed in a pop/rock and funky style. The second theme has a medieval character with a twist of the first theme. In the second movement we hear several lyrical solos. After the cadenza, the medieval theme returns but now in a more mysterious character. After this we come to the climax of this movement, which fades out into the third movement. The last movement has a resolute character where several previous motives and the opening theme are repeated to end with a dazzling finale!

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