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    All By Myself - Eric Carmen - Gavin Somerset

    This famous power ballad was composed by Eric Carmen in 1975. The verse of the song borrows heavily from the 2nd movement of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2. At the time of composition, Carmen believed that the Rachmainoff work was copyright free and in the public domain. It was only after the record had been issued that his mistake came to light. Carmen quickly came to an agreement with Rachmaninoff's estate to legalise the song so as not to infringe copyright. Rachmaninoff is now also creditied as the co-writer of the work, even though he died 32 years before the song was written! This moving piece, covered by greats such as Celine Dion & Frank Sinatra, lends itself perfectly for brass band and would fit into any concert program.

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    Eric Coates for Brass - Eric Coates

    Includes: At the Dance (Summer Days); The Jester at the Wedding (The Princess Arrives); London Bridge; The Three Elizabeths (Elizabeth of Glamis, The Queen Mother); The Three Bears.

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    TRIUMPH OF PEACE, The (Brass Band Set) - Eric Ball

    This ever popular Eric Ball 'classic' is played as much today as it has ever been. Composed in the wake of the Munich crisis and the return of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain after his talks with Hitler, this tone poem juxtaposes music of urgency (the chromatic opening subject) with Eric Ball's own hymn for peace, 'Peace in our time O Lord'.

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    Calon Lan - Eric Ball

    Eric Ball originally made this duet arrangement with piano accompaniment for inclusion in our album Czardas (order code 0078) and it was later transcribed for brass band by Eric Wilson (who was named after the composer!). The Welsh tune is handled in turn by the duettists, one embellishing while the other carries the melody. The accompaniment parts are not difficult making this delightful, somewhat nostalgic, piece ideal for bands of all abilities.

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    Journey Into Freedom - Eric Ball

    Eric Ball's timeless classic that has been a set work for various contests over the years.

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    Intermezzo from'La Boda de Luis Alonso' - Jim?nez arr Eric Crees

    The zarzuela is a kind of popular Spanish operatta but is scarcely known in this country. This fiery intermezzo from the Spanish master Giminez and first encountered by Eric Crees as an orchestral encore, oozes the essence of Iberia and is sure to be a stunning contribution to any brass band programme.

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    Scarborough Fair - Trad arr Eric Crees

    This haunting melody, popularised by Simon and Garfunkel is here given an imaginative treatment in a popular idiom. The kernel of the arrangement is based on a track from the early 70s ground-breaking album featuring sixteen trombones Bones Galore. Eric Crees has expanded and re-scored Pete Smith's original to make a sure fire brass band crowd-pleaser.

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    Toccata and Fugue - Bach arr Eric Crees

    Having made a stunning arrangement for symphonic brass (cat nr 9103) Eric Crees has taken this and expanded it in a colourful and virtuosic way for brass band, which with nine extra players is perhaps even more profound and powerful.

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    CLEAR SKIES (Cornet Solo with Brass Band Set) - Eric Ball

    A 'timeless' cornet solo from the pen of Eric Ball, utilising the charming, lyrical melody of the same name. Its traditional theme and variation construction and its relative popularity should not lull the soloist into believing it to be easy - for soloist or band.

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    CHALLENGE, The (Trumpet Solo with Brass Band Set) - Eric Ball

    Originally written for trumpet and piano in 1935, this solo exploits the character of the trumpet to good effect. It is a measure of the quality of Eric Ball's music that 'The Challenge' stands up today as fresh in its brass band guise as it did in its first published version.

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