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    Peaceful World - Gilles Rocha

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    Peaceful World - ROCHA, Gilles

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    Ellandium - Nick Brocklehurst

    Ellandium was commissioned for Elland Silver Band's debut album, 'iMAGINATIONS' (2018), and was first performed at their 'Yorkshire Champion Contenders' concert on 25th February 2017. The work is a beautiful hymn with a modern twist, featuring lush, jazz-inspired harmonies and a soaring, heartfelt theme carried delicately by Cornets and Baritone. Composed by Elland Silver Band's Composer-in-Residence, Nick Brocklehurst, Ellandium will satisfy audiences from start to finish, from its humble opening to its powerful climax and peaceful resolution.

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    Orpheus (Concerto for Trumpet) - Peter Meechan

    Orpheus was an unusual character in Greek mythology. Instead of the all-conquering battling hero, or an immortal god, he was peaceful, mortal human being who used his talent as a musician to enchant his enemies with beautiful music, which led to peaceful victories in battles.Tragedy strikes when his wife, Eurydice, steps on a viper snake which in turn bites her, injecting its fatal venom. His cries of anguish and pain at finding his dead wife, mixed with his songs of mourning and sorrow, open the work in an extended, unaccompanied cadenza for the soloist.Orpheus is dedicated to Jens Lindemann, an incredible trumpet player, musician and friend (and someone who has, so far, managed to avoid a beheading by drunken women). Jens gave the world premiere, accompanied by Middle Tennessee State University Wind Ensemble – conducted by Dr Reed Thomas - on April 10 2014.Peter Meechan 2014====Please note, this product is available only as a PDF download – more information on PDF downloads is available on the right hand menu.====

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    Paintings - Broadbent, D

    Canvases from East Anglia I. View Near the Coast — Thomas Gainsborough c.1750–55  Calm Seas Glistening  Peaceful Folk Resting  Storm Clouds Threatening II. Travellers — Sir Alfred J. Munnings 1910  Romany horses, 'neath sunny autumn skies  tread gently through the peaceful countryside III. William Wollaston — Thomas Gainsborough c.1759  Member of Parliament for Ipswich,  Colonel of the East Suffolk Militia,  and a musician of note who played the one-keyed flute

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    Equinox (Trombone Solo) - Andrew Stevenson

    Equinox was written for Ryan Watkins, the principal trombone of the Brighouse and Rastrick Band. The piece starts with a lullaby, led by the melody of the trombone. However, it is not always a gentle scene; towards the middle of the piece the music creates a haunting atmosphere before building to a triumphant climax. The music then settles back down into a peaceful setting. The use of tuned percussion creates a dreamy feel to the music. In essence Equinox depicts the balance between dreams and reality while you drift to sleep, the different emotions of the dreams themselves and the peaceful, undisturbed sleep in between.

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    In Gardens of Peace - Score & Parts - Philip Harper

    Composed to commemorate the life Henry Nichols, killed in the Battle of the Somme in 1917, the music has a peaceful tranquillity, but also a deep sense of tragedy and loss. It ends positively, with the wish that hope can come from desperation. Recorded by Glyn Williams with Cory Band.

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    Steila da Nadal (Christmas Star) - Gion A. Casanova

    Steila da Nadal was conceived in a single thought, one of continuois melody - and, figuratively speaking, - of an everlasting peaceful world. At the beginning the main theme refers to the Star of Bethlehem. The second theme is marked by it quick beat and describes the journey of the shepherds.

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    Sunday in the Park - Philip Sparke

    Sunday in the Park opens with an accompanied cadenza for the soloist, which leads to a gentle rhythmic melody with a laid-back feel. This is taken up by the band but the soloist sparks a change of mood by introducing a faster light rock interlude. This reaches a climax, at which point the music unwinds until the original mood returns. A variation on the original melody leads to a short cadenza from the soloist, which brings the work to a peaceful close.

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