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    All for One! - Caradog, Hughes & Forslund - Maurice Forslund

    'All for One' is a road march based on two well-known Welsh melodies 'Rachie' by Caradog Roberts and 'Calon Lan' by John Hughes. Supporters of Welsh Rugby Union will probably have sung them on more than one occasion. The two melodies have been assembled, added to, and arranged by our colleague Maurice Forslund in Stockholm, and the resulting march is one that is straightforward, in the traditional Brass Band genre, and well within the capabilities of most bands. It works equally well as a concert opener or a processional march for the village fete.

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    Pomp & Circumstance March No.4 - Edward Elgar - Phillip Littlemore

    Pomp & Circumstance March No. 4 was completed in June 1907, shortly after his fiftieth birthday. Like the first, it contains an equally impressive ‘big tune’ in the trio section, but it also matches No.1 in that it has a lively, rhythmic march element to envelope it. Unlike No.1 though, Elgar cleverly superimposes one on top of the other for the final, extended coda. Several attempts have been made to fit words to the main tune, the first of which were by the composer’s wife, Alice, for her song The King’s Way to celebrate the opening of a road in London. The music was then set to Alfred Noye’s Song of Victory before a later attempt to make a patriotic Song of Liberty for World War II by the author A P Herbert. Item Code: TPBB-048 Duration: 4'50" Grade: 3rd Section and above

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    Elegy and March - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    Commissioned by the Norwegian Band Federation and Tom Brevik. Composed in 1991. The composer:Elegy and March was one of my first original compositions (no quotations, no folk-tunes) and it was one of my earliest attempts to experiment with form. The elegy-part is quite obvious, but the march is not quite a march. If the elegy-part tells a sad story, then the march should tell a happy story. My problem is that I don?t think life is like that. Result: the march collapses! De liefhebbers van de muziek van de Scandinavier Aagaard-Nilsen kunnen hun hart ophalen bij dit bijzondere werk. In de tweedelige compositie zijn de delen thematisch aan elkaarverwant. De Elegy is een verstild werkje met prachtige klankvelden. Alle instrumenten komen aan bod maar nooit tegelijk. Hoe anders is dat in de mars waarbij ragfijn orkestspel wordt gevraagd. De componist: Elegy and March was een van mijn eerste originele werken (geen citaten, geen volksliedjes) en het was een van mijn eerste pogingen om te experimenteren met vorm. De elegie deel is vrij duidelijk, maar de mars is niet helemaal een mars. Als het elegie-deel een triest verhaal vertelt, dan zou de mars een gelukkig verhaal moeten vertellen. Mijn idee is dat dat in het echte leven ook niet zo is. Resultaat: de mars stort totaal in!Weer iets totaal anders van de Noorse meester!

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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2017 Numbers 1283-1286

    March – Proud to serve (Ray Steadman-Allen)One of the last works written by Lt. Colonel Ray Steadman-Allen and dedicated to the Chatham Corps, this march was featured by the International Staff Band at the composers tribute evening at the Adrian Boult Hall in Birmingham in 2015. The tunes featured are 'By the pathway of duty' and 'Marching Along'.Song Setting – His Grace! (Noel Jones)Noel Jones has for many years provided music of an attractive and accessible nature. This beautiful setting of the Herbert Booth song 'The Penitent’s plea', along with touches of Major Howard Davies’ song 'The wonders of his grace' will be a powerful addition to any bands repertoire.Song Arrangement – Blood of the Lamb (Ian Feltwell)Here is a bright setting of the old tune 'Are you washed?' which will provide many with a popular item for festival use.March - Makeover (Andreas Holmund)A bright and attractive work by Swedish Salvationist composer Andreas Holmund brings a traditional march with excellent harmonic and melodic interest.

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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2012 Numbers 1223-1226

    No.1223 March - Joyful News (Ray Steadman-Allen)the composer freeli admits that it was probably 'doodling' on the piano that prompted this march! The title is linked to one of the incorporated tunes, 'My bonnie lies over the ocean' which, in The Salvation Army, is linked to the words, 'God's love is as high as the heavens'. In style, the march has a light swing feel.No.1224 Song Setting - Ask the Saviour (Michael Davis)A setting of the well-known melody, 'Yield not to temptation'.No.1225 Song Arrangement - Jesus Came! (Howard Davis)An arrangement of an old Salvation Army song, 'Jesus came with peace to me, His strong arm was stretched to me, Then my burden took from me - My Saviour'.No.1226 Processional - Shine on us (James Wright adapted by Andrew Mackereth)This bolero-style setting of Michael W Smith's anthem was originally made for s wedding at Sheffield Citadel. It was subsequently adapted for use at the Belfast Temple Music School when players entered the arena in groups, through several entrances, playing from memory.

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    Marchissimo - Philip Sparke

    Marchissimo will make a fantastic opening piece for any concert. It does however come with a twist! It can be played simply as written, but is really designed to be 'staged' with players coming on the concert platform one by one as they begin to play. The piece actually consists of three marches in one, each of which highlights a section of the band. The piece culminates in a final climax where all three march themes are played simultaneously.

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    Hail Nero - Triumphal March (From Quo Vadis) - Miklos Rozsa

    In the 1950 motion picture "Quo Vadis" starring Robert Taylor and Peter Ustinov still is one of the greatest movies in the history. The music was composed by Miklos Rosza. The "Hail Nero - Triumphal March" beautifully arranged by Steven Verhaert gives an impression of the greatness of the Roman empire in the days of Emperor Nero.

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    Prelude, Dance and March - Malcolm Arnold

    Malcolm Arnold is one Britain's best-loved composers. In 1948 he composed a very short suite for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain - entitled simply To Youth. Seven years later he took To Youth and made some fairly major revisions, including a complete new movement, and the Little Suite for Orchestra was born. The Little Suite for Orchestra follows a very similar pattern to the later suites for brass band, starting with a bold, strident Prelude, which strangely ends quietly before a lovely, lilting, Dance composed in 3/8 time. Finally a rollicking and militaristic March brings the suite to a conclusion. This arrangement for brass band by Robin Norman is sure tobecome a classic in the brass band repertoire.

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    General Series Band Journal December 2015 Numbers 2150-2153

    No. 2150 March – Full Bloom (Martyn Thomas)This march was written as a tribute to the loyal service provided by Salvation Army bands across the world and was premi?red by Enfield Citadel Band in 2012. Using the tune Jesus, Jesus, lily of the valley (T.B.C.S. 43), the march is traditional in format and style but nevertheless has plenty of original touches, both rhythmically and melodically.No. 2151 Festival March - God's Army (Niels Silfverberg)This march tries to reflect on the unchanging principles of a living Salvation Army in a changing world, but with unchanging needs. The Salvation Army, being an international part of the universal Christian Church, with a ministry motivated by the love of God and a mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ; one army - one mission - one message. The march uses themes from a number of songs from different eras, reflecting the continued fight in 'God's Army'.No. 2152 Still hold me closer (Michael Davis)The gospel song Sweet will of God by Leila N. Morris is here given a beautiful setting by Michael Davis.No. 2153 Everlasting Hope (Paul Sharman)'Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow', a line from the song 'Great is thy faithfulness', is taken and developed into an original melody. The music attempts to portray the fact that God's faithfulness to each one of us gives us all 'hope for tomorrow'.

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    Ungarsk marsj - Hector Berlioz - Bjorn Morten Kjaernes

    The "Rakoczi March" (Hungarian March) was the unofficial state anthem of Hungary before Ferenc Kolcsey wrote the Himnusz which is today the official national anthem of Hungary.The first version of this march-song was probably created around 1730 by one or more anonymous composers, although tradition says that it was the favorite march of Francis Rakoczi II. That early version called back Francis Rakoczi II to save his people. It was very popular in the 18th century but in the 19th century the more refined Rakoczi March became prevalent.Hector Berlioz included the music in his composition "La Damnation de Faust" in 1846, and Franz Liszt wrote a number of arrangements, including his Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15, based on the theme. The march gave its name to a 1933 Austrian-Hungarian feature film - Rakoczy-Marsch This arrangement is based on Berlioz instrumentation and phrasing from his Hungarian March, but in the form of the 19th century Rakoczi March

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