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    King Kong - James Newton Howard - Klaas van der Woude

    Mention King Kong to anyone and they will imagine the famous Empire State Building scene with the massive ape. In this work Klaas and Titus van der Woude have taken the theme from James Newton Howard's movie soundtrack and arranged it into a fantastic concert piece that will have your audience hiding under their chairs and screaming in fear.

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    Four Cities Symphony - Rodney Newton

    This piece was commissioned by the National Contesting Council as the 4th section test piece for the 2008 Regional Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. This symphony (the composer's 12th) has four movements played without a break. The first centres on two aspects of the city of London: its history and pageantry and its role as a busy modern metropolis.The second movement depicts Paris, its street cafes and boulevards and riverside walks, in the form of a romantic waltz. The third movement is constructed around the Gregorian chants of the Lord's Prayer (Pater noster, qui es in caelis) and the Creed (Credo in unum Deum) in an evocation of the city of Rome. After a powerful climax, mysterious tramping footsteps are heard as the ghosts or a Roman legion march through the city by night. The vision fades and the pater noster is heard once again, before the movement is brought to a close with the ancient Ambrosian chant, Christus Vincit, Christus Regnet, Christus Imperat.The final movement is an evocation of the city of Moscow, with its great historic buildings, its turbulent history and its fiery traditional music. At the outset a rather dour folk-like melody is heard which is transformed into a lively Cossack dance.This work is dedicated to Howard Wilson, former principal euphonium of City of Coventry Band who, in 1972, introduced the composer to top section brass band contesting.Rodney Newton, September 2007

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    Music from Dinosaur (Brass Band) - James Newton Howard

    This stunning animated movie from Walt Disney features a wealth of musical styles. ContainsA

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    Blood Diamond - NEWTON HOWARD, James (Arr.: Kadlec / Moren)

    Village Attack / Fall Of Freetown / Thought I'd Never Call / Solomon Vandy

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    Dinosaur - NEWTON HOWARD, James (Arr.: Kabat / Moren)

    Egg Travels / The Cave / Across The Desert / Epilogue

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  • £109.00

    The Dark Knight - ZIMMER, Hans / NEWTON HOWARD, James (Arr.: Kadlec / Moren)

    I'm Not A Hero / Harvey Two-Face / Watch The World Burn / A Dark Knight

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    The Hunger Games - NEWTON HOWARD, James (Arr.: Moren)

    The Hunger Games / Entering The Capitol / Preparing The Chariots / Horns Of Plenty / The Countdown / Mutations / Training / Rue's Whistle Song / Rue's Farewell / Returning Home / Horns Of Plenty Reprise

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