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    Rondeau - Mouret - Stephen Tighe

    Public Television viewers will recognize this piece as the theme from "Masterpiece Theatre." It was composed in Paris in 1729 by Jean-Joseph Mouret (1682-1738) as part of a longer suite of instrumental pieces. The Rondeau has been popular at weddings and can be used as either a processional or a recessional, depending on the tempo at which it is played.

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    The Sorcerer's Apprentice | Dukas arr. Alwyn Green

    Most of us are familiar with the symphonic poem written by 19th century composer, Paul Dukas, which was inspired by an 18th century poem by Goethe in which the sorcerer's apprentice, desiring to save himself some work attempts to try his hand at his masters craft when things go terribly wrong!This version, arranged by Alwyn Green for Brass Band, captures the spirit of the original masterpiece in a complex and challenging score for Brass Band. It has all the drama, and vibrant energy of the Dukas masterpiece, brilliantly orchestrated for Brass Band.Listen to the piece played by Foresters Brass 2000, from their CD : 'Heritage' which can be obtained from the band.

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    The World's Greatest Hits - Brass Band

    The World's Greatest Hits is a must for any band. With twenty of the most famous classical works in one new mega selection, Peter Ratnik invites your band and audience to take a fulfilled journey through this musical masterpiece in 3':45".

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    Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen - Steve Yorke

    Cohens masterpiece is no stranger to brass bands. This one however is based on a stunning performance by k.d. Lang, and features the Euphonium section.

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    TOCCATA - Peter Graham

    Additional Score: 14.95Toccata is part of Cats Tales (see above) which pays tribute to four wonderful musicians who shared a love of jazz and the New York City. New York resident Bernstein East, aka Leonard Bernstein, is the inspiration behind Toccata. The presence of Bernsteins masterpiece West Side Story looms large here.Available MultiMedia Files

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    Missa Brevis - Jacob de Haan

    Missa Brevis is a major work for choir and brass band for performance in church or in the concert hall. For this mass, there are many performance possibilities depending on the musicians available. In addition to the standard orchestration of choir and band a brass quartet can also play the choral parts. For this it is desirable for the brass quartet to be positioned separately from the rest of the band (on a gallery, for example), so that the idea of two choirs is heard. It is also possible to perform the work with brass band and organ. A truly flexible religious masterpiece.

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    Saint-Saens Variations - Philip Sparke

    In 2006, a long-time dream of Philip Sparke finally became reality: to compose a set of variations on the famous chorale from Saint-Saens' renowned Organ Symphony. In 2009 the composer reworked the piece for brass band. The resulting Saint-Saens Variations has been simplified, shortened and in many places completely recomposed, to distill the essence of the symphony even further and allow younger bands to enjoy the power of Saint-Saens' masterpiece in an approachable, yet completely faithful, work.

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    Colors - Bert Appermont

    This work was written especially for the Belgian trombonist Ben Haemhouts and was created on Dec. 29, 1998 in Ravels. Colors for trombone is a virtuous composition based on four colors, "Yellow", "Red", "Blue" and "Green". Each Color characterizes a typical musical quality. This masterpiece of Bert Appermont is undoubtedly a superb addition to the trombone repertoire!

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    Raveling, Unraveling - Philip Sparke

    WINNING PERFORMANCE EBBC LILLE 2016 Raveling, Unraveling - In Search of 'La Valse' was written for the Cory Band as their own-choice test piece for the 2016 European Brass Band Championships in Lille. The piece found its genesis in Sparke's The Unknown Journey (2014) for concert band, and the use of Ravel's La Valse as a structural undercurrent to the original piece is an act of reverence. Sparke's aim was to produce a work that is organic rather than episodic in nature. The composer's view is that little in music does this better than La Valse and for this reason he uses various sections of this masterpiece, both manipulated and quoted verbatim (including much of its stunningclosing passages) to provide the overall geography of his new work. As the music progresses, more of the Ravel appears, surfacing completely as the piece reaches its climax - a gesture of homage to the French master.

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    I Will Survive - D. Fekaris - Ron Sebregts

    This classic disco hit was released by Gloria Gaynor in 1978. Following massive airplay it reached number one in pop charts around the world and in 1980 received a Grammy for Best Disco Recording. Since then it has appeared in many films and television programs and has been adopted by many causes such as HIV/AIDS awareness and the campaign for women's rights. It is also the 'stadium anthem' for the Dutch football team Feyenoord. Ensure your audience leaves any concert in an upbeat mood with this disco masterpiece.

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