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    Brass Monkey's Ensemble Workout - David White

    This selection of music is the perfect all-in-one workout for your training band. Each piece contained within the selection serves a definite purpose (all of which are given below and are printed in the score). The "Ensemble Workout" balances musical exercises and pieces of music to ensure that the end result is a better ensemble performance over all. The pieces keep the players entertained whilst ensuring they listen and work with the other players around them. Drum Kit and Percussion parts are also included. The pieces (and their objectives) included areaA UNISON WARM UP & HYMN TUNEA MINOR TUNE - no key or time signature, no dynamics, accidentals for some (sharp)PLODDING ON - time signature but no key signature, no dynamics, accidentals for some (sharp, flat natural) staccato / legato playingLITTLE WALTZ - time signature & key signature, accidentals & dotted minims & ties D.S. al Fine & repeats with 1st & 2nd time bars no dynamicsLAZY LATIN - time & key signature, dynamics & accidentals, staccato / legato playing styles, sectional repeats with 1st & 2nd time barsTHE AIKIN DRUM - 6/8 compound time, March style playing, D.C. al Coda

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    Latin brass - LINGO Vic

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    Swingin' Latin Brass - Kurt Brogli

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    Latin Brass - Vic Lingo

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    El Camino Real (A Latin Fantasy)

    El Camino Real (literally "The Royal Road" or "The King's Highway") was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, the 581st Air Force Band (AFRES) and its Commander, Lt. Col. Ray E. Toler. Composed during the latter half of 1984 and completed in early '85, it bears the subtitle: "A Latin Fantasy."The music is based on a series of chord progressions common to countless generations of Spanish flamenco (and other) guitarists, whose fiery style and brilliant playing have captivated millions of music lovers throughout the world. These progressions and the resulting key relationships have become practically synonymous with what we feel to be the true Spanish idiom. Together with the folk melodies they have underscored, in part derived by a procedure known to musicians as the "melodizing of harmony," they have created a vast body of what most people would consider authentic Spanish music.The first section of the music is based upon the dance form known as the Jota, while the second, contrasting section is derived from the Fandango, but here altered considerably in both time and tempo from its usual form. Overall, the music follows a traditional three-part pattern: fast-slow-fast.The first public performance of El Camino Real took place on April 15th, 1985 in Sarasota, Florida, with the 581st Air Force Band under the direction of Lt. Col. Ray E. Toler.This arrangement for brass band has been made by Frode Rydland.

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    Torbellino (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    A Latin Waltz for your Brass Band.

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    Fuego! (Solo Cornet with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Composed for Tom Hutchinson of Cory Band, this is a virtuosic cornet solo in the tradition of Harry James, Tico Tico and Charivari. Composed with a Latin groove, the music is in turns sultry then sizzling hot!Duration: 04:00

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    La Chica sin Nombre (Trombone Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Wiffin, Rob

    A vibrant, rhythmic solo for trombone and bandLa Chica sin Nombre was written in March 2020 at the request of Brett Baker. He wanted something in Latin style so I chose to go for a Mambo-type dance piece. In obtaining the right percussion sound I would always ask for Conga drums and Mambo Bell/Timbales rather than drum kit. The piece needs to be played with an appropriate feel for Latin music. It should sound light and easy to play but has a few tricky moments- especially the cadenza-like sections from F to H. The virtuosic section at letter G can be cut if required.- Rob WiffinDuration: 4.15

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    Omaggio (Euphonium Concerto No.4) (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)) - Sparke, Philip

    Omaggio was commissioned by Steven Mead in celebration of his 60th birthday and in memory of his father, Rex. He gave the premiere of the brass band version in Rome in March 2022, accompanied by the Italian Brass Band conducted by Filippo Cangiamilla. The concert band premiere took place on 6th July that year as part of the 2022 Spanish International Tuba Euphonium Conference, accompanied by the Banda municipal de msica de Malaga.The concerto is set in 3 continuous movements, which are united by a recurring syncopated interval of a fifth. The first movement, Fantasia, opens with this motive accompanying an extended monologue for the soloist. This is followed by a lengthy bridge passage by the band, which is eventually joined by the soloist, who guides the music back to the opening soliloquy, leading to an energetic central section. This develops until the opening material again returns to introduce the second movement, Ballad, which revolves around an expressive melody for the soloist, interspersed by accompanied cadenzas. The third movement, The King Triumphant, pays homage to Steven's late father, Rex, and its title alludes both to Rex's name (Rex being Latin for king) as well as his love of Eric Ball's Salvationist masterpiece, The Kingdom Triumphant. The finale is an energetic tour-de-force featuring an acrobatic 6/8 melody, which is interrupted twice by the magnificent hymn tune, Helmsley, which Ball uses so effectively in The Kingdom Triumphant. A galloping coda brings the work to a close.

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    Overture for Brass (Score & Parts) - Carlos Franzetti

    From symphonies to big band jazz, and from chamber works to Latin American music and film scores, the music of Argentian-born composer and arranger Carlos Franzetti (b.1948) has won many prestigious awards. This exciting six minute overture, Overture for Brass, was arranged by Mark Freeh and has been recorded by the GUS Band, conducted by Bramwell Tovey.Brass Band Grade 4: Advanced Youth and 3rd SectionDuration: 6 minutes

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