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    Glorious Jubilee - Nijs Johan

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    GLORIOUS VENTURES - Peter Graham

    Variations for cornet or euphonium on Lily of the Valley. broadcast, recorded by David Daws, Steven Mead, Brian Taylor, Roger Webster among others.

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    King All Glorious - G.M. Vail

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    Glorious Ventures (Cornet or Euphonium Solo with Brass Band) - Graham, Peter

    Variations for cornet or euphonium onLily of the Valley.broadcast, recorded by David Daws, Steven Mead, Brian Taylor, Roger Webster among others.

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    Our Glorious Empire - Rimmer, W

    Includes a full band set (no score)

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    All Glorious - Dorothy Gates

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    CHRISTUS VICTOR (Brass Band Set) - Kenneth Downie

    This is a glorious selection of music to celebrate the supreme victory of Jesus Christ. The predominant theme of 'Crown Him!' comes from the Thomas Kelly hymn 'Look, ye saints! The sight is glorious' which are associated with Henry Smart's tune 'Regent Square'. Also featured are Andre Crouch's song 'Soon and very soon' as well as Dave Bilborough's 'All hail the lamb'. In the final pages of the score, all three tunes come together in a statement of affirmation.

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    Amazing Grace - William HImes

    Amazing Grace is one of the world's most loved hymn tunes and this glorious arrangement is sure to be popular with players and audiences alike. Beautifully crafted, and eloquently scored, this reflective, yet powerful arrangement builds to a glorious climax perfectly blending the traditional melody with sumptuous new harmonies. Duration: 3:00

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    Pyrotechnic Variations on 1812 - Christian Overhead

    Pyrotechnic Variations on 1812 was composed for Brass Band Schoonhoven, and used as part of their programme for Brass in Concert in November 2016.‘Pyrotechnic Variations’ is a modern day twist on Tchaikovsky’s famous ‘1812’ Overture. A heraldic opening introduces some familiar themes, before leading into a frantic virtuosic passage (especially for euphonium!), where quotes can be heard all through the band. This subsides into the central ‘slow’ section (via the unusual route of a bass and drum kit feature). After a whisper quiet reintroduction of the main theme, we build to the ‘canon’ finale – ending in a glorious celebratory style!

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