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    Flourish for Brass (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

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    Flourish for Glorious John - Ralph Vaughan Williams

    In partnership with Oxford University Press and authorized by the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust, this major new initiative brings the incredible catalog of Ralph Vaughan Williams to the wind band community, with scholarly transcriptions by leaders in wind band composition. As the name suggests, all titles in the Brass Band Series are scored for brass ensemble and may also include perucssion parts. This work is Grade 4.5.To view other titles in the series, visit

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    FLOURISH FOR BRASS (Brass Band Set) - Gareth Walters

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    FLOURISH FOR BRASS (Brass Band Set)

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    Flourish! - Bill Willis

    Composed for the Baritone players of Bournemouth Concert Band, this is a rare work for what has been, until recently one of the most under-rated instruments in the Brass Band. Marked "Allegro Giocoso", this lively piece shows off the band and allows the soloists to demonstrate their melodic and technical skill

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    Flourish - Helen Douthwaite

    A lovely original composition by Helen Douthwaite with junior/youth bands in mind, but just as appropriate for brass ensembles looking for a short and sweet item to play.A rich opening melody develops to bring vitality and a nice upbeat feel to the piece.Lots for each instrument section to do and a chance for the emerging players to hear some great harmonies around the band.The set includes score and parts for:Cornet 1Cornet 2Cornet 3Eb Tenor HornEb Tenor Horn EASYEuphonium/BaritoneEuphonium/Baritone EASYTromboneTrombone EASYEb BassDrum setPercussion

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    Judd: Flourish

    This solo was written for Philip Cobb and takes its inspiration from Virtuosity, a trumpet solo by Kenny Baker. The song Hand me down my silver trumpet is referred to in the two outer sections while the laid-back, jazzy central section features the song When the roll is called up yonder. The reason for including this song is the first line of the first verse which reads When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound.

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    Concerto for Tenor Horn - Gareth Wood

    Gareth Wood's Concerto for Tenor Horn was commissioned by the Welsh Amateur Music Federation with additional funding from the Arts Council of Wales and the PRS Foundation. The work was written for Owen Farr and the National Youth Brass Band of Wales.It is in a traditional three movement form demonstrating the agility and lyricism of the tenor horn. The soloist begins alone with a singing melody in 5/4 time, and is soon joined by the Eb tuba and solo cornet. The rest of the band later emerge, leading the music into a strident Allegro. After a short tutti the soloist takes charge and a dialogue of melodic and rhythmic ideas follows. After a brief return to the opening theme the movement closes with a flourish. The second movement is a true Adagio. A profound beginning, almost hymn like, leads into a gentle melody which builds into a large tutti for band. A rhythmic section follows, rhapsodic in nature ending in a return to the melody used at the very beginning of the concerto. After another short tutti section the movement gently fades away. The finale is a combination of technical fireworks and an almost latin melody, both soloist and band finishing with great aplomb!Gareth Wood's Concerto for Tenor Horn received its world premiere by Owen Farr and the National Youth Brass Band of Wales under the direction of Dr. Robert Childs during their Summer Course of 2006 at Bangor University's Pritchard-Jones Concert Hall, North Wales.

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    TUBA CONCERTO (Gregson) (Tuba Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Gregson, Edward

    This work was commissioned by the Besses o’ th’ Barn Band with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain. It was written for, and is dedicated to, John Fletcher, who gave the first performance in Middleton Civic Hall, near Manchester, on 24 April, 1976, with Besses o’ th’ Barn Band conducted by the composer. Another interesting feature about the premi?re was that it was recorded by BBC Television for an Omnibus programme with Andr? Previn as presenter. The concerto exists in four versions: with brass band (1976), orchestra (1978), wind band (1984) and piano reduction.The concerto is in three movements, following the usual, quick-slow-quick pattern: Allegro deciso,Lento e mesto, Allegro giocoso. The first movement has a sonata form shell with two contrasting themes, the first one being rhythmic in character, the second lyrical. There is a reference made in passing to the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto, but this merges into the other material in the development section.The second movement begins with a chorale, but after the entry of the tuba it leads to a cantabile theme, softly unfolded by the soloist. The opening chorale passage returns, this time briefly on muted brass, and leads to a middle section which is more chromatic in style and soon builds to a powerful climax, where the opening cantabile theme triumphantly returns. The music subsides, returning to the opening chorale and ending peacefully.The finale is light and breezy in style, and is cast in rondo form. After a brief introduction the tuba announces the main rondo theme, which is dance-like and a little jaunty. There are two episodes: the first a broad sweeping tune, the second a slowish waltz and a little jazz-like. After a virtuoso cadenza reference is made to the very opening of the concerto before the work ends with a triumphal flourish.The Tuba Concerto has established itself as one of the main works in the solo tuba repertoire. It has been performed and broadcast in over 40 countries all over the world. There are currently six commercial recordings of the concerto in its various versions.resolution in C major, pointed by a simple but expansive melody towards which the piece has been heading, and ending in a blaze of joyful colour.Duration: 18 mins

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