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    Don't Rain on my Parade

    'Don't Rain on my Parade' is a popular song from the 1964 musical 'Funny Girl'. It was also featured in the 1968 movie version of the musical. Both the movie and original stage versions of the song feature Barbra Streisand. In 2004 the song finished at number 46 in the American Film Institutes 100 years... 100 songs survey of top tunes in American Cinema.

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    MacArthur Park

    MacArthur Park is a pop rock song from the 1970s with a classical edge. It's no surprise that this brass band arrangement of MacArthur Park is available today. This iconic tune fits the brass band perfectly, and this particular arrangement oozes musicality and energy.The legend that surrounds MacArthur Park is that Jim Webb was challenged to write a hit song on the basis the Webb felt all you need is a good music, and that the lyrics don't really matter. The song went on to become a success for Richard Harris, Donna Summer, Glen Campbell, among others.The moral of the story: don't leave your cake out in the rain.

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