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    Cycles - Nieuwenhuis Stan

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    CU CHULLAIN (Brass Band) - Jenkins, Karl - Small, Tony

    from Adiemus iv - The Eternal Knot. Adiemus is an extended choral-type series of works based on European classical tradition, but where the vocal sound is more akin to 'ethnic' or 'world' music. Karl Jenkins ingeniously invented the language used in the entire Adiemus project. Cu Chullain is a movement from ADIEMS iv - The Eternal Knot. Cu Chullain (pronounced 'Koo Kullan') is the foremost hero of the Ulster Cycle, a collection of prose and verse romances which forms one of the major cycles of Irish literature. The epitome of Celtic valour, Cu Chullain is portrayed as the ideal chieftain and defender of his tribe. Possessing extraoridinary powers which he uses solely for the benefit of his people, he forms a bridge between the world of the gods and that of humas. Duration: 4:20 approx

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    These Mist Covered Mountains - Peter Meechan

    These Mist Covered Mountains was commissioned by Keith Johnson (KMJ Recordings) for soprano cornetist, Mandy Crowther, to whom the piece is dedicated.In an age where we seem to be inundated with endless news cycles of various wars that we as a nation are involved in, and also those that we are not, it seems that war is now a constant, and we are in a never ending state.This short piece is intended to represent the cyclic nature of war, and the way that war never seems to have a true conclusion.

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