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    Dunlap's Creek - Score & Parts - Robert Bernat

    Robert Bernat was commissioned in 1976by Elgar Howarth to write his first brassband composition, Dunlap's Creek, forGrimethorpe Colliery Band. He chose to usean old hymn tune of the same name usuallyassociated with the words 'We walk by faithand not by sight'. Composing Dunlap's Creekinspired Bernat to learn more about brassbands and in 1978 he moved to Sheffieldfor about a year. He was so impressed bywhat he saw in terms of musical virtuosityand accessibility that he made his mind upto establish a brass band movement in theUS and in 1981 the River City Brass Bandgave its debut performance. Bernat servedas the band's conductor, artistic director andpresident until his death in 1994.

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    Music for Battle Creek - Philip Sparke

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    Dance Macabre - Saint-Saens - Gavin Somerset

    A full arrangement of the spectacular work by Saint-Saens. Certainly a test for any top section band, both technically and rhythmically. Every section has an important role to play (yes, even Bass Trombone!). The main theme was used in the BBC's drama "Jonathan Creek", letting the audience recognize the piece immediately. Great as an alternative to an overture concert piece, this is one for every player of the band to get their teeth stuck into. To download the Solo Cornet part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Horn part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Euphonium part, please CLICK HERE . To download the playback audio to play along to, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As .

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    A Midwest Fanfare - Philip Sparke

    A Midwest Fanfare was commissioned by the Brass Band of Battle Creek and premiered by them during their appearance at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago on 20th December 2017 where this fanfare was the opening piece of the entire event. This piece is designed to be played with the cornets split into two teams either side of the band. It opens with the two groups answering each other antiphonally over a repeated figure in the lower band. A calmer central section introduces a euphonium solo which is then taken up by the whole ensemble. This leads back to a repeat of the opening fanfares over a rhythmic accompaniment and a short coda which brings the work to a close.

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    Diamond Concerto - Philip Sparke

    Diamond Concerto was commissioned by Musikverein Morschied from Germany - Dr. Eric Grandjean, conductor - for a special concert featuring Steven Mead as guest soloist. Together they gave the world premiere on 28th April 2012 in the town theatre of Idar-Oberstein.The commission is a highlight in the 30-year friendship between composer and soloist, which has included many mutual CD projects and concerts and, now, a concerto. Sparke had Steven Mead's special euphonium sound in his head throughout the composition process and made free use of the variety of styles which the world-renowned virtuoso has made his own during his highly successful solo career.The village of Morschied lies to the west of Frankfurt am Main in the area known as the German Road of Precious Stones, which is famous for its thriving gem industry. Because of this it was decided to give the commission a local connection by choosing the title, Diamond Concerto. Each of the three movements is named after a famous diamond:1 EARTH STARis rather stern in mood, opening with a free fantasy for the soloist over a static chord from the band. This leads to an Allegro Moderato in minor mode where small motives are gradually repeated and developed by both band and soloist.2 OCEAN DREAMuses a varied quote from the composer's Music for Battle Creek, including a melting slow melody that was originally written with Steven Mead in mind.3 BLUE HEARTwas written, at Steven Mead's suggestion, in bebop style and takes the form of a jazz waltz. The quasi-improvisatory central section features a call-and-response passage for the soloist and upper woodwinds.Soloist: Difficulty 6Diamond Concerto is available for euphonium and piano (AMP 374-401) as well as for euphonium and concert band (AMP 354-010).

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