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    Prelude and Capriccio (Cornet Solo with Brass Band) - Gregson, Edward

    A condensed score is included with this workGregson wrote his Prelude and Capriccio in 1972. It exists in two versions: one for cornet and band and the other for cornet or trumpet and piano.The work began life in the early sixties, the Capriccio being composed when the composer was 17. A Prelude was added to complete the work, which lasts for approximately 8 minutes. The Prelude is reflective in character and uses long melodic lines over undulating chromatic harmony. The music reaches a climax before a brief reprise of the opening. The Capriccio is somewhat jazzy in its opening syncopated rhythms, but has a more lyrical middle section before a finale exploiting the virtuoso character of the instrument.

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    Capriccio for Trombone - Philip Sparke

    Capriccio for Trombone was commissioned by Brett Baker, trombone soloist and member of the famous Black Dyke Band. It is a tribute to the late Mike Moor, close friend and colleague of both Brett and the composer. The piece aims to capture Mike's good humour, his love for brass band music and the irrepressible, enthusiastic energy he involved in all things he did in his life.

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    Capriccio - Elgar Howarth

    Commissioned by the Musicians Benevolent Fund for the 1994 Leggett Awards, Capriccio is a varied showpiece for trumpet employing a wide range of advanced techniques. This version features accompaniment from the brass band cornet section and percussion, allowing the rest of the band a brief rest!

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    Capriccio Italiane - Tchaikovsky

    Programme Notes by Andrew Duncan:This arrangement is fairly simple and the strong melodic and rhythmic lines should help introduce inexperienced players to the concept of playing in 3 time. The triplets in the 3rd cornet/trumpet part and the 1st Baritone/Euphonium/Trombone part (and in the tambourine part) are played in unison and will greatly help to move the rhythm forward.The tune is in the 1st cornet/trumpet part up until letter B when it is played by the horns (in unison) and in harmony by the 1st Baritone/Euphonium/Trombone part, so there is plenty for all to play throughout the piece.The Percussion part is written for a Tambourine, and although it is optional, it would add colour to a performance of the arrangement.The Flexi-Collection ApproachFlexible scoring tailored to your needs - A perfect solution for expanding the repertoire of training and junior brass bands. The Flexi-Collection currently offers two series - Popular Classics and World Tour. Based on four-part harmony, these collections provide groups with the advantage of complete flexibility when they may not be balanced. If players or instruments are missing, the show can still go on!The Flexi-Collection - Popular Classics Series, encapsulates all that is great about the wonderful range of musical styles produced by Holst, Elgar, Handel, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Bizet and Parry.The thoughtful scoring and arranging by Andrew Duncan now means that groups of all abilities have access to a truly flexible set of music for their needs. With world parts, rudimentary theory, terminology translations and large format typesetting, The Flexi-Collection ticks all the boxes when it comes to bringing interesting music to the training and junior band/brass group environment.Available individually or as part of the money-saving Flexi-Collection Popular Classics Album. Scored for Brass Band and supplied with additional Easy Bb, Easy Eb and world parts - The Flexi-Collection offers flexibility in every sense of the word.

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    Prelude and Capriccio - Edward Gregson

    Cornet Solo with Brass Band

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    Capriccio - Score and Parts

    Cornet and Euphonium Duet with Brass Band

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    Capriccio - Score Only

    Cornet and Euphonium Duet with Brass Band

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