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    Tango de Buenos Aires (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Anderson, Keiron

    Tango de Buenos Aires was written to celebrate the harmonic and rhythmic idioms used by the great Astor Piazzola, composer of dramatic Argentinian Tango music. This work attempts to capture the atmosphere with a modern adaptation of the dynamic rhythms and descending chromatic harmonies. It is a colourful addition to any programme and good for a quite serious or light concert. Duration: 3.00. Suitable for 2nd Section Bands and above

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    You've Been Tango'd ??" Buenos Aires - Steve Robson

    Composed by Steve Robson, this piece brings the intensity and distinctive style of the Tango dance into the band context. This piece is an ideal number to bring an up beat change to a programme and also offers plenty of opportunities to incorporate a little choreography and even costumes!You’ve Been Tango’d – Buenes Aires is part of the Flexi-Collection - World Tour Series.Our Flexi-Collection Series:Flexible scoring tailored to your needs - a perfect solution for expanding the repertoire of Junior/Youth brass bands and ensembles. The Flexi-Collection currently offers two series and these will be regularly expanded to offer groups an even wider variation of music. Based on four-part harmony, these collections provide brass groups with the advantage of complete flexibility when may not be balanced.Added Extras:Each part of The World Tour Series also includes rudimentary theory reference sheet and Learn Together Moments (warm-up passages which relate to each of the styles of pieces included in the whole series). The score also includes background/programme notes and Check It Out ideas to encourage the players to find out more about the music style and/or inspiration behind the piece.If players or instruments are missing, the show can still go on! The thoughtful scoring and arranging by Steve Robson now means that groups of all abilities have access to a truly flexible set of music for their needs.Available for Brass Band (with world parts included), pieces included in our World Tour Series offer flexibility in every sense of the word.(Available individually or as part of the completeFlexi-Collection World Tour Series Album).

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    Buenos Aires Tango - G?nter Noris

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    Flight To Buenos Aires - J?r?me Naulais

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    Chiquilin De Bachin

    This beautiful waltz-tango is written by Astor Piazzolla (music) and Horacio Ferrer (lyrics). Together with "Balada Para Un Loco", this one is the most famous they composed together."Chiquilin de Bachin" ("The little boy at Bachin") is thehistory about a little boy bagging on the cafe Bachin in Buenos Aires. On one of the tables are Piazzolla and Ferrer enjoying their meal together with good friends.The meeting with this little boy became the inspiration for this song. Thethemes of the lyrics are poverty, mourning, yearning and shame. The boy's shame for his own situation and own mother, and our shame because we do not do more for these children.

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    Overture for Brass - Franzetti

    Carlos Franzetti was born in 1948, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked along with Paquito D'Rivera, Joe Farrell, and among other talented artists, composing the soundtracks for Beat Street, Misunderstood, and theMambo Kings and arranging for the Boston Pops Orchestra, Carnegie Hall Jazz Band, and the American Symphony Orchestra. This sheet music, arranged by Mark Freeh, includes a full instrumentation: Full score Soprano Cornet in Eb Solo Cornets in Bb Repiano Cornet in Bb 2nd and 3rd Cornets in Bb Flugelhorn Solo Horn 1st and 2nd Horn inEb1st and 2nd Baritone in Bb 1st and 2nd Trombone in Bb Bass Trombone Euphoniums in Bb Bass in Eb and Bb Timpani Percussion World Parts Includes : Horn in F 1st and 2nd Baritone 1st and 2nd Trombone Bass Trombone Euphoniums Bass in Eb and Bb

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