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    In The Blue Mid Winter - Gustav Holst - John Lee

    If your band is looking for something a little more laid back to add to their Christmas programmes this year, then look no further. As the title suggests, this clever setting of Holst’s In The Bleak Mid-Winter arranged as a Blues feature, allows the band a change from the traditional styles of music heard at Christmas. Featuring a Blues solo from the principal cornet, this piece is a great addition to keep your festive programmes versatile.

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  • £65.00

    Blue Mars

    Blue Mars is a cornet solo in fast-slow-fast form and will suit cornet players of an advanced standard, and a band that is comfortable reading and playing music with numerous time changes in compound time, such as 10/8 and 13/8.

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  • £33.00

    Blue Sleeve Step - Harper, P

    This is a big band style number whichis modelled on Barrie Gott's brilliantLightwalk. It begins with a walkingbass before horns state the highly whistleabletune for the first time. Thefull band quickly joins and there is anextended solo break for cornet. Atiptoeing tuba solo precedes the finalkey change which propels the piece toits infectiously foot-tapping conclusion.2nd section +

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  • £49.20

    MISS BLUE BONNET (Cornet Solo with Brass Band) - Simon, Frank - Smith, Sandy

    Polka Brilliant. Grade: medium/difficult. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL218D Master Brass (Volume Fourteen). Duration: 4.00.

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    Miss Blue Bonnet (Cornet Solo) - Frank Simon

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    CABARET CONCERTO (Solo Piano/Brass Band) - Now available! - Ellerby, Martin

    Includes: Harmony in Green and Rose; Variations in Pink and Grey; Nocturne in Blue and Silver; An Orange Note; Arrangement in White and Black (Cornet Solo); Caprice in Purple and Gold; symphony in White; Harmony in Blue. Duration: 20:00. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL231D TERRA AUSTRALIS

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  • £54.40

    Bla vals - Idar Torskangerpoll

    A piece that explore the "blue" notes in music, and where we have the constant change of 3 or 2 in a bar. Solo in Horn (cued in 1st Cornet).Make sure that the bass line and percussion is steady and firm throughout the piece.

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    Life Is For Loving - Roberto Danova - Steve Yorke

    Arranged as a cornet solo, the man behind 'Angel In Blue' returns with this beautiful tear Jerker.